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Help Others Succeed And You’ll Become a Success

One of the most basic reasons many of us start to develop and run websites and blogs is to try to make ourselves a small fortune.  We’ve all heard about or read stories of people who were able to come up with some product or website and very quickly turn it into a cash generating machine.

While I don’t want to burst your bubble, the chance of that happening to you or me is pretty slim to none.  I’m sorry, but it’s a fact.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t become a successful internet entrepreneur.  In fact, there’s a simple thing you can start doing right now that will essentially guarantee that you will get far with your website or blog:


I know this point seems rather obvious, but in the quest for riches and notoriety, we tend to over look this rather meaningful item.  No matter what niche your website serves – whether you talk about politics, money, dieting, marketing, etc. – or how crowded that niche is, if you focus on your readers, you will end up succeeding.

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Three Steps to Improve Twitter Conversions – Part 3: Post During Actionable Times

Today’s post is the final of a three post series which will help you improve your conversions on Twitter. Click the following links to read the first post (Tweeting in blocks) and the second post (hide the good stuff) if you haven’t already done so or would simply like a refresher.

Now that you’ve learned to Tweet in blocks and how to structure those blocks to help you gain credibility, you’re about to learn what might be the most important Twitter lesson of all: what time of the day to send out your blocks of Tweets.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to send out Tweets all throughout the day, however, if you’re trying to get people to take action – whether it’s sign up for your email list or buy a product through your affiliate link – there are certain times of the day that are statistically proven to produce better results. Based on my experience, here are the blocks of time with which you will see a better click-thru ratio:

  • 11 am to 1 pm Eastern Time
  • 8 pm to 11 pm Eastern Time

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Three Steps to Improve Twitter Conversions – Part 2: Hide the Good Stuff

Today’s post is the second in a three post series aimed at showing you how to get more out of Twitter with far less effort. Click the following link to read the first post, which was about Tweeting in blocks.

Now that you know about Tweeting in blocks and why it’s guaranteed to increase your visibility, you need to know how to structure these blocks so that your followers are more likely to click on your links and come to your blog or affiliate site.


When sending out your Tweets, you can’t include a link to your site or affiliate offer every single time. If you do this, you’ll either be flagged as a spammer or your followers will simply learn to tune you out.

What I’ve found to be effective is to send out one Tweet that includes a link to one of my sites or affiliate offers for every two Tweets I send out that are nothing but words. You can increase your conversions further by taking this a step further and set up your followers with your “worded” Tweets. Here’s an example:

  • Tweet 1: I feel like I’ve been on Twitter all day!
  • Tweet 2: What’s your best Twitter tip in 140 characters or less?
  • Tweet 3: How to quickly and easily add 100s of followers on Twitter

By following this pattern, not only will you get lots of screen time in front of your followers, but, more importantly, you’ll gain credibility. At the very least you won’t come across as a spammer, but if you play your cards right, you’ll come across as a trusted source who posts relevant content and links, which is critical in improve your conversions.

Three Steps to Improve Twitter Conversions – Part 1: Tweet in Blocks

One of the main reasons I’ve been able to quickly and continuously grow traffic to my websites – both my blogs and my affiliate sites – is I’ve become a much better and efficient Twitter user.  It took a lot of time and experimenting, but I’ve come up with three very important tips to help you get more traffic to your websites from Twitter.

Over the next three days, you will be able to read about each of the tips, implement the them, and start to see immediate results!

TIP #1 – TWEET IN BLOCKS OF 10 to 12

As I’m sure you’re well aware, you’re not the only person your Twitter followers are following.  Unfortunately, this means you have to compete for attention with likely thousands – if not tens of thousands – of other people at any given moment.

I’ve found the easiest way to ensure you grab your followers’ attention is to send out Tweets in blocks of 10 to 12, spacing each Tweet roughly 45 seconds to 1 minute apart.

By sending out this block of Tweets, you’re pretty much guaranteed to take up some real estate on your follower’s Twitter feed, however, because you’ve given adequate time between each of your Tweets, you’re not being obnoxious about it.

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Sponsored Tweets – Make Money With Twitter

Sponsored Tweets Review

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from people regarding Twitter is the fact that it’s difficult to monetize your following.  This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you have spent a lot of time building a quality list of followers.

Thankfully it looks as if there’s finally a legitimate way to make money from all of your time and effort on Twitter: Sponsored Tweets.

Sponsored Tweets is a simple way for you to monetize your Twitter account, because all you have to so is sign up for your free account and they will go ahead and match you up with advertisers who pay you to send out their Tweets.

Sponsored Tweets, sponsored tweets reviewEasy enough, right?

Obviously there are a lot of factors that come into play regarding how much you will be paid for each Tweet you send, but it appears that there are two key factors that come into play: the number of followers you have and the influence you have over them, meaning how often do your followers click your links.

When you go to sign up with Sponsored Tweets, the only thing that’s required for your acceptance is that your Twitter account be at least 120 days old.  That’s really it; like I said, it’s really simple and easy.

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