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How to Start Your Own Business

So you’ve got the idea, you’ve picked out the names, you’ve created a plan for your business, and you have some sort of an idea and thought about where you go from here regarding sales, profits, marketing, and more. That’s great! You’re well on your way to starting a new business. But… what do you do to, you know, make it official? And how can you really start a business and make sure everything gets done right, and legally, to proceed?

Here are just a few tips that you need to know and remember when it comes to starting a business, so that no matter what you may go through or what you may do from a day to day standpoint, you can effectively create the perfect business and do it within legal and ethical realms, as well.

Start with an LLC, a corporation, or a non-profit organization

Is your business a for-profit or a non-profit organization? If it’s a non-profit, you’ll need to apply for special 501(c)3 exemption status. For for-profit companies, you can either create an LLC or a corporation (Inc.). Both can work, depending on the size and scope of your business itself, though an LLC (limited liability corporation) is typically cheaper to form, allows for pass through taxation to you, and protects you and your personal assets against business suits and other legal problems that may arise in rare cases.

Do you know the permit requirements in your state and city?
Depending on the state and city in which you live, your business may be required to hold some type of permit to conduct business, make sales, and more. While these permits are relatively easy to obtain, and incredibly cheap to purchase and renew year to year, they nevertheless have to be produced; without them, it can be illegal to run your business and move forward with sales. Research your state, county, and city permit laws before deciding to open up a business, to ensure that you do so on the right side of the law from the start!

What about your logo, business name, web domain, and branding materials?

Part of the fun – and challenge – of starting a business is the need to effectively and perfectly brand yourself and your company, so that customers recognize it and react accordingly over time. This starts with your business name and logo, which need to be branded smartly so that you get the most out of your unique name and visual marketing pieces for customers. This extends, then, to your web domain – before you begin your business, make sure you have a website lined up and at least purchased (if not created in full), so that your customers can find you, and you can be made to look good and professional.

It can be complicated starting a business, but it’s also one of the most rewarding things that you will ever do. Make it a point to follow all the rules of law regarding permits and more, but know that when you start your business, you are on the way to achieving financial freedom and all of your personal and professional dreams.

Net Worth TV on the Best Personal Finance Software

When it comes to tracking your finances, there are a lot of ways you can do it.  Many people still rely on balancing their checkbooks using the check register and waiting for monthly account statements to come.  But in this modern world, finance and banking moves a lot quicker.  If you want to really be up to date on your financial situation, you should really be using some type of personal finance software.

Since there are a lot of options out there, Net Worth TV with Terry Bradshaw looks at some of the best personal finance software options out there for your situation.  Whether you have a simple setup of just a checking and savings account, to whether you run your own home-based business, there is an option for you in these choices.  Here is the breakdown of the best personal finance software out there.


Quicken is probably the most popular and most recognized name when it comes to personal finance software.  This program has a variety of features that make it conducive to both power financial users and novices alike.  There are 4 basic levels when it comes to Quicken software: Basic, Premier, Home and Business, Rental Property. 

The basic level just has options for checking, saving, and basic retirement accounts.  The premier level includes options to track your investments in detail.  The other two: home and business and rental property manager are just like they sound – they are designed for business owners or landlords. 

Quicken is great because it allows you to directly connect your banking and investment accounts to it, and the software will update them all at the touch of a button.  Net Worth TV reminds readers that convenience is key to managing your finances – nobody likes dealing with complexity. 

Once all your transactions are downloaded into Quicken, it updates your accounts and categorizes your transactions for you.  It then presents all the information into an easy to read format, so that you can really understand where all your money is going.

There are also a variety of reports and other metrics that allow you to track and plan for your finances.  You can also setup bill pay and bill reminders in Quicken to keep track of everything.  This software really sets the bar when it comes to personal finance. 


Mint was one of the first online personal finance software programs.  Very similar to Quicken, Mint allows you to keep track of all your accounts by automatically connecting to them.  Mint is different in that it keeps track of all your accounts automatically, even when you don’t log in.  Mint also tries to automatically categorize everything for you to streamline your data. 

Mint is great in that everything is automated for you, while at the same time being free.  Mint makes money by providing customers offers for products that could help them improve their financial lives. 

For example, if you input a high interest rate credit card as one of your accounts, Mint may recommend several low interest rate credit cards that you qualify for.  It is a small thing to worry about for a great piece of free software. 

Net Worth TV on Other Options

There are also many other options when it comes to personal finance software.  The Net Worth television series also wants readers to know that they can look into other software choices online.  Some of the popular ones include Adaptu and Personal Capital, but there are many more as well. 

If buying a piece of software isn’t really something that you want to do, but you still want to track your finances, many individuals also use Excel spreadsheets to track their balances over time.  It is a little more manual work, but it is much simpler in the end format than using software.  Plus, you can configure it any way you’d like. 

9 Useful Courses for Project Managers

Deciding to attend PMP courses whether you are a project manager looking for the appropriate sources of information and skills required by executives or perhaps an employer interested in gaining knowledge on how to select the personnel you are going to hire and make him/her responsible for the projects managed, is a wise decision because it shall definitely increase the knowledge about the management domain. Due to this field being so complex, the levels of experience are divided into three separate categories, as follows. The first one is about the core or essentials of management fundamentals which help establish the simplest of notions, definitions and principles. Next is the complementary category which adds another layer of information to the knowledge gained at the beginning. The last stage consists of specializing in all areas of expertise and being able to handle more than one project at a time whilst still providing top quality services.

ESI PM training focuses on the project manager’s ability to communicate and negotiate with other colleagues or senior executives. The final outcome should be a win-win situation from which everyone benefits, one way or another. Sustaining the point of view with clear arguments and concise information determines the person who does not originally agree with your statement to reconsider his/her decision and settle for an agreement.  This outcome can only be achieved as a result of practice and training so that the employee is used to such situations.


Project management courses in UK, focus on the theoretical aspects as well as daily situations in which managers will have to look for the best solutions. That is why training sessions are also provided for the people attending these courses. Furthermore, acting as part of a team is different from sustaining your point of view as an individual. When one speaks for himself, he/she clearly knows what the perspective is. In the case of a group, every voice and opinion has to be listened to and represented. A skilled leader should be able to collect all the information from the group, process it and then deliver the arguments in an effective and appropriate manner.

Why You Should Start Your Own Business

It can seem daunting to do it, but if you have a great idea, a passion for an industry or specific niche, or a unique and wonderful product or service that provides value to people, you should start your own business. Surely, more considerations must be undertaken than just that before you begin, but by starting your own business, you are not only paving a way to your own financial freedom, but helping the economy and doing a great deal for your local community, as well.


In fact, there are several major reasons why you should consider starting your own business, regardless of the industry or niche that you may find yourself in. Let’s review just why it’s so important to start your own business, and see if you can find the passion and channel it into a profit and a company.


America is a nation built by entrepreneurs and small businesses

Face it – business is in our blood. For better or worse, and usually better, capitalism has been a dominant force in America over the past two hundred years, and it continues to this day. You starting a business is forging along a great tradition set by men and women before you, who have all had success and reached the “American Dream” with their business acumen.


Sure, it’s more than just history when you look to start your business, but you’re in the right place to do it. No country like this one works to help small business owners and entrepreneurs, and no other country in the world values business start-ups quite like the environment here in America.


Bring your passion to people, and provide value for them every day

Part of the reason you are considering starting your own business is that you have passion about something. No matter what the passion is about, you are clearly envisioning how you can help others, and provide value to their everyday lives with your goods and services. That’s a good thing! Channel it and move forward.


Your passion invigorates those around you, and you starting a business and doing what you love not only makes your community tangibly stronger with jobs and an improved economy, but it also makes your community psychologically stronger, as it has one more person following their dreams and doing what they love, no matter the obstacles that may come up in your path.


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

That’s part of the point of starting a business, isn’t it? Jobs, profits, and success in the marketplace are huge drivers for so many people. That can be you, too, helping your community with jobs brought on by your small business. And even if it’s just a single job or two, that still makes a difference for an individual and a family, and you can move forward knowing that you have created the perfect environment for somebody in which to grow and develop their career. That is truly something you can hang your hat on as a businessman or woman.