Google AdSense is the Greatest Thing Ever

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

I’ll be the first to admit, I was wrong to resist the power of Google. I never had any intention of including Google AdSense on The New Business Blog. I really didn’t.

I also didn’t know how much I would come to enjoy blogging and how my longing to be a writer, mixed with all of my interests, could all be taken care of by by simply starting many, many different blogs.

Unfortunately, I also didn’t know how expensive it would all turn out to be.

I figure, with my latest round of domain names and hosting plans, I’ve spent probably over $100 on items dealing with blogs. Thankfully, is still free, otherwise we could be talking about even more money.

Anyway, back to the point.

Google AdSense has given me a quick and easy way to try and earn some of that money back.

By simply placing a couple of AdSense banners around my various sites, I’m setting myself up to make enough money to hopefully cover the cost of hosting and maintaining my sites.

I don’t really have any grand illusions of being one of those people that make $10,000 per month from their sites (to be honest, I don’t know if those people really exist, but I’ll let you know if I become one, trust me). A couple of bucks never hurt though.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is if you’ve had any reluctance to add Google AdSense to your site or blog, get over it. It’s easy and as long as you get some traffic that pokes around and clicks on the ads, you’ll make a couple of bucks, too.

Not a bad deal for essentially doing nothing, huh?


  1. Anonymous says

    What are the other blogs you are involved in???

  2. Well, let’s see.

    In order to fulfill my desire to be a movie and music critic I’ve started I don’t spend as much time with it as I should, but I’ll get back into it.

    In order to fulfill my desire to be a sports columnist, I’ve started

    In order to help people save money I’ve started

    In order to fulfill my life long quest to see Art Monk in the hall of fame I’ve started (but not launched)

  3. Anonymous says

    Wow!!! I look forward to checking it out!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    Why don’t you list these on your site??? I enjoyed the sportsblogguy and look forward to reading musicandmoviereview. You are a wonderfully gifted writer. Have you talked with gpa and showed him your stuff? Have you seen his work???