The Best Online Business for 2013 Part 1 of 4

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur but you don’t know where you should start there are literally hundreds of businesses that you can break into online today, many with an extremely low start-up cost that can be done right from home using a laptop or other computer.  With that in mind this 3 Part series gives you a look at some of the best. If you are keen on starting an online business in 2013 start here. Come back soon for Parts 2 and 3.

  1. Affiliate marketing isn’t new by any means but it’s still a very viable way to make a living online.  It’s also one of the easiest online businesses to start by far and requires practically no overhead at first. 1 caveat; if you’re not a good salesperson or you don’t particularly like selling this may not be for you.
  2. Virtual assistant.  Many people feel that there are already enough VAs on the market but they’re wrong.  There are plenty of niches that you can explore that will give you a competitive edge.  Do what you like and find people that like the same thing and you’ll be set.
  3. Copywriting services for niche companies.  If you have a certain set of skills and experiences that lend themselves to niche copywriting there are still plenty of opportunities out there.
  4. Ghostwriting services can be niche also and, if you have a particular writing style, you may do well with this one.
  5. Graphic design seems to be chock full of competitors but again a niche may just serve you well here. You may even want to launch your own online graphic design firm that specializes in your niche.
  6. This one may not make you rich but it could pay the bills nicely.  An online beading service with video tutorials about beading techniques may prove very popular.
  7. Vintage clothing, much of which you can get for nothing down at the thrift store, is very big these days.  Find them, clean them up and sell them online using eBay or a Yahoo store.  If you’re really good at picking out great vintage clothes you’ll make money and get paid to shop.  Yay!
  8. Start an online research company.  Yes, if you have a computer anyone can search for info online but the fact is that it takes time and energy.  If you offer a service to do it you may be surprised how many people will seek your services.
  9. Online business consulting is growing by leaps and bounds and is very viable.  If you have a specialty that few others share you can take that specialty online and help others.
  10. Life Coaching is an excellent way to earn a living and, as with many of the other choices above, it helps to have a niche here also. Dating, clothing, procrastination problems, organizational problems and many more things are out there that people need help with.  Help them and earn a living online at the same time.

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