Starting an Online Business Venture: Part 1

Today more than ever there are countless opportunities to start an online business and make money from home. The biggest question isn’t always what you’re going to sell (there are countless things to sell including products and services) but where to start.

Rapidly changing technology has made it easier than ever to have your own website and domain name and to set up everything from a landing page to a payment page.  It’s also gotten much cheaper to do all of these things than it was scant years ago.  Websites like Mighty Deals and 5 Minutes will help you set up the website and propagate it with all the tools you need to get started. There are many other tasks that you must also accomplish when starting an online business, including;

Know your way around the Internet.  If you still don’t know the difference between a tweet and an office suite it’s time to take an internet course online.  Social media, branding, SEO, search ranking and many other concepts that may seem foreign now will need to be learned and used if you want to be successful online.

Register a ‘domain’ name. Your domain is your online address. It’s the place where your customers will ultimately come to see, ask about and, hopefully, purchase your goods and services.  There are a number of places online where you can register and purchase your domain name, including onr of the most well-known,

Rent ‘space’ on a web-hosting site. Like a brick-and-mortar location, a web host will rent you space on their server so that you can host your website. Most will actually sell you your domain and rent the space, allowing you to finish 2 tasks at once.

Design your new website.  This sounds difficult but today there are numerous service websites online that will help you (for a fee of course) to easily design a fully-functioning website with only a small amount of effort.  Of course if you have no clue how to even use a computer you still may need some help but sites like 5 give you access to powerful website design tools that can help you immensely.

If your main site will be a Blog (as an affiliate marketer, for example) there are plenty of Blogging sites on the net, the most popular of which are WordPress  and Blogger. They will help you set up and publish your Blog and, from there, you will be able to recommend your viewers to the services or products that you wish to promote.

This should get you started.  Check back for Part 2 of this 2 Part series for more helpful Tips and tasks that you will need to be a successful online entrepreneur.