Writing is a Release

The ability to write effectively and creatively isn’t always a God given talent, sometimes it takes education and hard work to really excel at it.  I will say that the various forms of writing offer a creative outlet that allow us to live out fantasies, release stress, and even at times earn a living.  Consider the article you are reading right now, this is my form of creativity, and while it is second a job it does bring in additional income.  You are quite lucky when you can align a creative outlet, hobby, and profession all in one.  I find that writing courses are a great way to cultivate the writer inside of you, and they are often times very affordable as well.  Now let’s consider some of the other forms of writing that you perhaps have never considered.

Journalism is something I long aspired for, I read the daily newspaper and often admire how the writers can form eloquent sentence.  However, when I went to college I opted for a business degree instead, but this is perhaps why you see my interest in blogging coming out now.  To think that journalists create articles almost weekly that are read by thousand, or perhaps even millions of people.  To be able to carry that level of influence can be quite appealing.

Play writing is something I never really had a flare for, but I did attempt it in a creative writing class when I was younger.  Some of the greatest pieces of art have come in the form of play writing.  Consider the many works of Shakespeare, universities around the world involve his play writing in their annual curriculums.  This could be an interest and a talent that you weren’t even aware that you had.

Lastly, writing a novel is another interest of mine.  I have long debated taking on this task, but even I know my limitations.  Personally, I could vastly benefit from taking a writing class or two to sharpen my literary skills.  Writing a novel takes a certain level of skill and patience, it certainly isn’t a task that can be completed on a whim.  This not only involves writing itself, but also the collection and collaboration of ideas to make a concise and cohesive story come together.

Regardless of your choice of writing style I want to make clear that additional education and classes can benefit your endeavors far more than you may realize.