How to Become a Marketing Superstar

Apparently I drank too much coffee yesterday because I wasn’t able to fall asleep. So instead of editing my business plan, I read another book.

Last night I read How to Become a Marketing Superstar by Jeffrey Fox. It was pretty much along the same lines as Purple Cow but, as the title might indicate, Fox’s book was more geared towards marketing your business as opposed to differentiating it.

I thought Marketing Superstar was a good read and was better to read before I start marketing In My Memories.

There were a bunch of interesting points regarding advertising (never use the word “we” and don’t tell the customer what they’re gaining, tell them what they’re not losing) but the most important thing I took away was the important role good customer service plays in your advertising.

By simply having good customer service and sending a nice thank you note, you will create incredible word of mouth advertising, something that will probably increase your sales more than any other form of advertising.

Take care of your customers and they’ll take care of you.