Clickbank Code Review

Clickbank Code Review

Now that I’ve gotten serious about really trying to make an effort to maximize all of my online income streams, I figured it was about time to venture into affiliate marketing, and more specifically, marketing products from Clickbank.

While I had known about Clickbank for some time, I was definitely intimidated by it because, to be quite honest, I didn’t even really know where to begin.  That’s why Clickbank Code is such a helpful product.

After doing some research, I decided to check out Clickbank Code, a new product from Michael Jones that shows in a step-by-step manner how to quickly get affiliate sites up and running and leverage Clickbank so that you can start making money in a matter of days.

Clickbank Code, clickbank code review, click bank code, click bank code reviewIf you haven’t heard of Michael Jones, you’d better get used to the name, as he was able to turn himself from a relative newbie into someone making nearly $50,000 per month using the steps he outlines in Clickbank Code.  Considering I’d be happy at just 10% of that success, I figured I’d give it a try!

In Clickbank Code, Michael Jones goes into detail about how to:

  • find the hottest and best selling digital products on Clickbank
  • leverage free search engine traffic to maximize your profits
  • use social media to drive targeted BUYERS to your sites
  • track your campaigns to maximize the most profitable ones and ditch the duds

Clickbank Code is different from another learn affiliate marketing program I recently reviewed, Affiliate Classroom 2.0, in the sense that it is more of a “paint by numbers” sort of program, meaning it gives you a step by step process.  In Affiliate Classroom 2.0 you’re given a whole bunch of lessons that allow you to sort of figure out affiliate marketing on your own.

For me personally, I do better with the step by step process because I just want to hit the ground running.  Don’t get me wrong, Affiliate Classroom 2.0 is a great system and I learned a lot from it, but in terms of learning how to quickly get cash coming in from affiliate marketing (specifically from Clickbank) I thought Clickbank Code was more along the lines of what I would need to succeed.

If you’re serious about making money from Clickbank, buying the Clickbank Code program (as well as many of the extras) will be an amazing investment for you.

Clickbank Code Review

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Cell Phone Cash Review

Cell Phone Cash Review

About a week ago I received in interesting email telling me about a new product from Mack Michaels of Maverick Coaching that was going to revolutionize affiliate and product marketing.  The product, Cell Phone Cash, was something that had yet to hit the mainstream, and was certainly a very interesting idea.

After checking out the product’s website, I saw the beauty of the program, was immediately hooked on the idea, which is why I’ve written this Cell Phone Cash review!

The Cell Phone Cash program walks you through a step by step method to marketing your site and affiliate offers on cell phones as opposed to the usual SEO and PPC methods.

Cell Phone Cash, cell phone cash review, cell phone cash reviewsAs many of you know, PPC and SEO marketing are pretty saturated.  There are thousands of people out there, competing in the same space for the same keywords and products.  In sort, it’s very tough to be successful and profitable using these tactics.

However, cell phone marketing is relatively new, the market is completely untapped, and your customer base is actually LARGER than your internet customer base.  Cell Phone Cash teaches you how to take advantage of this and how to make some serious money.

(Just for a point of reference, Mach Michaels makes over $300,000 PER MONTH using these tactics.  Although, let’s be honest, it would be tough for any of us to ever replicate that level of success.)

There are nearly 3 billion people around the globe have a cell phone, and that number is expected to grow to 4 billion by 2011.  Each person, on average checks it 24 times per day, so that’s a lot of opportunities to get your product or affiliate offer out to people.

And since the price is only $24 per month, I definitely recommend that you go pick up Cell Phone Cash.

I was very skeptical at the idea at first, but now I believe Cell Phone Cash could become one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

Hopefully this Cell Phone Cash review has been beneficial and helped  you make the right decision for you!

Cell Phone Cash Review

Note: In compliance with the new FTC regulations, please be aware that if you purchase this product through my website by clicking on any of the links above, I will be paid a commission by the products creator/seller.

Affiliate Classroom 2.0 Review

Affiliate Classroom 2.o Review

One of the oldest and most simple ways to make money online is to shill other people’s products.  For you complete newbies, this way of making money is commonly known as affiliate marketing.

Unfortunately, while affiliate marketing may be a simple way to make money, it’s not necessarily a very easy way to generate a lot of cash, especially if you’re just starting out.  In many cases, if you don’t have a mentor and have no idea what you’re doing you could end up losing thousands of dollars.

That’s where Anik Singal and his Affiliate Classroom 2.0 program come in.

Affiliate Classroom 2.0 is a new program that contains over 60 detailed classes, ranging from very beginner to very high level.  Class topics cover everything from PPC marketing, to auto-responders, to how to negotiate affiliate commissions.  If any of what I just mentioned has you lost, don’t worry, Affiliate Classroom 2.0 goes over everything in complete detail.

In addition to all of the classes, there are many case studies, checklists, tip sheets and pretty much anything else you need in terms of information in order to succeed at affiliate marketing.

On top of all the information, Affiliate Classroom 2.0 provides 13 state of the art tools to get you up and running in no time.  These tools range from an affiliate website generator to various keyword research programs.

This program really puts you in a great position to succeed at the affiliate marketing game.

Best of all, you get to test drive Affiliate Classroom 2.0 for just $1.  Considering everything is provided to you up front, this is an absolute bargain, especially considering you stand to make thousands of dollars if you follow through on what you learn.

As someone who has a little bit of experience with affiliate marketing, I thought this program was absolutely perfect.  It covered the basics of affiliate marketing, although not in a way that bored me.  On the flip side, when things got a little more complicated in the higher level classes, I didn’t feel completely lost.

I’ve already taken many of the things I’ve learned and applied them to my various affiliate sites (the webinar on generating residual income from Youtube was probably the best thing I’ve implemented so far) and have definitely seen an increase in revenue and profit.

I highly recommend Affiliate Classroom 2.0, especially considering it’ll only set you back $1.

Click here for more information regarding Affiliate Classroom 2.0.

Affiliate Classroom 2.o Review

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Beginner’s Guide to Online Advertising Deals

Until recently, I was more than happy to simply have Adsense as my primary revenue generating stream for my websites.  I mean, it’s requires very little work to set up, even less work to maintain and you get paid just for people clicking links that show up on your site.

That being said, the more serious I become at trying to make a little bit of money running websites, the more I would like to become less reliant on Adsense as my primary revenue generator.

The reason being is because Adsense, while simple to use, can be pretty hit or miss, and for many non-niche sites (like all of mine) you pretty much have to generate a lot of traffic in order to generate any substantial amount of money.

Not only that, but despite the fact that I said Adsense was easy to set up and maintain, like anything else, it requires a lot of work to optimize the code for your site, testing different locations on your site to optimize click-thrus, all that fun stuff.

So, recently I decided to start pursuing individual advertising deals for my sites in the hopes of generating recurring monthly income, with the possibility of additional “affiliate” payouts.  Unfortunately, because I’m new at this sort of advertising, I wasn’t really sure where to start.

In order to get the ball rolling, I inserted dedicated advertising pages into my sites’ navigation, essentially to just let people know that I was now accepting private advertising deals for my site.

On these pages I listed out the following information:

  • That I was now accepting individual advertising deals. 
  • Where on my site I was selling advertising space.
  • Prices would be determined by advertising location and type.
  • My contact information.

The only information left to be added is my pricing structure for each of the locations, but because I’m relatively new at this, I don’t really know what price to associate with these spaces. 

For the most part, I trust people and believe they’ll offer me a fair and competitive deal.  If they don’t, they’re not worth doing business with.  However, once I get a better grasp of what’s going on and how much to charge, I’ll probably add a pricing structure.

Simple enough, right?

After getting these pages up on my site, I have received several advertising offers that I’m currently mulling over.  And the other day, I accepted my first deal, which is up on Daily Fuel Economy Tip, so that was pretty cool.

Anyway, for people like us who run small-time sites, we shouldn’t expect to fund our retirement with these individual advertising deals.  That being said, if you can get a couple of these up on your site, it’s a great way to supplement any other non-recurring advertising revenue streams (Adsense, Amazon Affiliate) that you might have.