5 Top Apps for Entrepreneurs

If you’re busy entrepreneur you already have your hands full with a million different things that need to be done. Luckily today you have a world of different apps that can be used on your smartphone and tablet to make those tasks a bit simpler and easier to finish. Below are 5 of the Top Apps that no entrepreneur should be without. The best part is that all 5 of them are absolutely free! Enjoy.

Evernote. This wonderful app lets you synchronize (or “sync”) notes and share them between your smart phone, your desktop, your laptop and your tablet devices. It also lets you share files, scan things like business cards and even save notes using audio. One other nice little feature about EverNote is that you can browse online stories and either bookmark them or save clips of them to read later.

Dropbox. Millions of people absolutely love Dropbox because it lets them store photographs, documents and videos “in the cloud” and then access them from anywhere using any device that they like. One of the best reasons to get Dropbox is also that, if you happen to lose your phone or tablet (and they’re synced with your Dropbox account) you can still get them later and they will be safely waiting for you.

CloudMagic. Amazingly, Apple and A Google still haven’t mastered the ability to let users scan all of the mail that they’ve ever received to look for a note, or any other bit of specific information. Cloud Magic use the user this incredibly thorough  search functionality, supports multiple accounts, can scan messages and also suggest specific content. For entrepreneurs overwhelmed by email, it’s a great little app.

MobileDay. If you take a lot of conference calls but you’re also on the road quite a bit, Mobile Day is a definite must for your app collection. With it you can scan your calendar and import all information from any conference that you’re going to attend and, when it’s time to make the call, you can join simply and easily with just 1 click.


Even better, if you would like to arrange your own conference call you simply tell Mobile Day who to invite and it will send those people the details as well as set up the conference call via its own service.

Producteev.  As a busy entrepreneur delegating tasks is something you need to master quickly. With Producteev you can track any ongoing tasks that your team might have, track their progress as well, set due dates and milestones and even use its filter program to see the tasks already assigned to a specific employee. For those entrepreneurs that are great at delegating, Producteev is a definite help.

There are more great apps out there for entrepreneurs, to be sure, so don’t limit yourself to these 5. However, these are a great place to start and will help any busy entrepreneur to get a lot more done every day.

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