A Guide to Getting Your New Business Wardrobe

The great thing about business attire is that the rules are flexible enough to let you do things with a little bit of flair for added effect, as well as other different touches for different occasions. If you’re smart about how you dress for work, you’d be surprised at the effect it’ll have on your business dealings and associates.

It’s always worth forking out for new business clothes, so don’t be afraid to sell some of those old CDs of yours at www.musicmagpie.com before you hit the stores. This article acts as a short guide to aid you in getting your new business wardrobe. We’ve outlined this in three sections – attire for men and women, as well as unisex attire.

Business attire for men

If you can afford it, you should invest in a few tailor-made linen and wool suits. If your funds aren’t too vast, you can always go for a few ready-to-wear suits instead, which are considerably cheaper.

These suits will be for regular wear. They should be darker colours – you mean business, after all. As for the shirts, you’ll need some silk/cotton mixes, long-sleeved and collared. White is generally a good choice of colour, given its neutrality.

Given that you now have some basic, straightforward colours for your shirts and suits, you should invest in a range of ties, some flashy, some serious. Make sure your shoes match well with your suits.

Business attire for women

The base of your wardrobe should include a few skirted suits that run just above the knee. You should also have two suits with pants at your disposal at all times. A few white blouses will also be necessary – you’ll be surprised at how versatile a white blouse is. It all depends on what you combine it with.

On its own, a white blouse can seem plain, but your image can be enhanced depending on what you choose to wear with it. Make sure it fits right – you don’t want any waistline exposure happening when you sit down.

As for shoes, it’s a general rule to go with low heels, no higher than a few inches.

Unisex business attire

Wearing a watch is always a good idea for an accessory. Obviously, don’t go for something too flashy, as it will send out the wrong message. You want to go for something sleek and serious.

The same applies to jewellery. You can wear it, but just don’t overdo it.

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