Business Ideas for 2013

Although the economy isn’t exactly back to normal the improvements seen lately  bode well for the future of any new business. With that in mind and knowing that many of our readers are entrepreneurs we put together a blog about some of the best business ideas that we have heard about so far for 2013. If you’re looking to start a new business this year one of the suggestions below might just be up your alley. Enjoy.

As our global marketplace grows beyond simply Mexico and China there is a growing and indeed huge need for translators. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and statistics has predicted a high demand as a result of the growing international ties that the United States has with non-English speaking countries and a 22% increase in need throughout the profession. If you are already bilingual or know more than 2 languages and can speak, read, and write them fluently, a translation business might be an excellent choice for you.

As workforces become more and more mobile many larger companies are in need of assistance in tracking them as far as where they are, how their work is progressing and so forth. Although there are mobile time clocks as well as vehicle tracking and time clock apps most employers don’t have the necessary staff to manage all of this new data and also manage payroll and billing tasks. If you started an employee monitoring business your services  would already  be in demand and the future demand should  continue to grow sharply.

If you already own a hair or nail salon but you find that your clientele is starting to dwindle it’s possible that the problem lies in the fact that they are getting too old to leave the house as regularly as they used to. If that’s the case, or if you’d just like to start an interesting and popular as well as portable business, a traveling salon might be just the ticket. Indeed, the need for in-home services of many kinds will continue to grow as the United States population continues to age.

Many Americans are starting to pay better attention to their health and health needs but are still strapped for time during their busy lives. A vending machine business that catered to these health-conscious adults would do quite well we believe, especially if you were able to offer snack foods that were healthy and easy to take on the go.  There is actually a whole new industry sprouting up around this theme and some vending companies are offering franchisees the chance to get started  with only 1 or 2 machines, giving them the opportunity to start small and go from there without a huge initial investment.

If you’re looking for an opportunity that is still wide open but certain to grow over the next few years by leaps and bounds then you may want to look at starting a smart phone repair business. Frankly, it can cost as much to get a smart phone fixed as it can to replace one and, if you can offer a more affordable option, you should have plenty of customers.

Another small business that still has plenty of room for growth would be a testing business for apps, websites and e-commerce sites. These have become essential for practically all businesses but  often times they don’t work when first set up (for many different reasons). Services to test these apps and websites are actually quite in demand and there is even one company that offers cloud testing services, a niche that would give you an edge over a company that tested everything.

If you are a writer of any kind and especially if you have specific knowledge of a specific industry you may want to consider starting your own freelance business. As a matter of fact you could build an entire business around freelancing of all different kinds including data entry, data processing, blog article writing and even academic writing. The truth is, when it comes to freelancing, the sky really is the limit.

Those are seven of the top new business ideas that we have heard about lately and, if you do your research, we think you’ll agree that they’re all pretty darn good. We’ll be looking for more in the future and posting them to our blog so make sure to come back often and check if the ideas above weren’t the right ones for you. See you then!

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