Coming Up With The Next Big Thing

The other night my buddy and I were talking about how great it would be to put together a solid business idea that would make us instantly wealthy; rich enough so that we could each do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.

I think this is the reason why I’m never actually going to come up with that idea, because spend too much time talking and dreaming, not enough time actually doing. But, I’ll save that for another whoa-is-me post.

Anyway, I think my buddy summed it up perfectly when he said, “it’s not about copying something that’s currently successful, it’s all about being lucky enough to come up with the next big thing.”

I think that sentence there encompasses the entire entrepreneurial spirit – searching for the next big thing.

Now, if I knew exactly how to come up with the next big thing, you’d be paying to read this post and I’d be working from my 75 foot yatch somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean. That being said, I think I have a couple of good places to start.

Step Back and Observe: Your multi-million dollar idea doesn’t have to be a world changer. I’ll bet there are probably four or five ideas that you could implement around your town or city that could do well by you.

Changing Demographics: Plain and simple, America is changing. But change can be good, especially if you can find a way to capitalize on it. For example, the Hispanic population is growing faster than any other group of people in the United States. What are some businesses you can develop that can serve this growing (both in population and in amount of money spent) group?

What Are You Good At?: I know it sounds cliche, but more than likely, you can probably do one (or more things) better than anyone in the world. How can you capitalize on your talent and turn it into a wealth generating businesses?

Use Technology To Your Advantage: With the most recent advances in technology, many items related to business have become more efficient and less expensive. How can you take advantage of that? Can you incorporate it into your business to finally turn a profit? Can you find a way to integrate it into other small businesses and generate wealth that way?

Look, I’m not a business genius, I’m just a guy who wants to come up with a solid idea and run with it. These are the sorts of things I like to think about to try and stimulate some thought or dialogue that may end up generating the next big thing.

I’m sure you’ve got some ideas on where to look, or things that you’ve used, so if you want to share them, feel free. I’m sure there are plenty of want-to-be entrepreneurs out there who would love to open some dialogue.


  1. Anonymous says

    other ways to come up with a good idea are to catch a growing trend and think about how you can build a business around it. For example, blogging started a trend that now has tons of apps and businesses around the creation/maintenance/publishing/distribution/archiving aspects of blogs. then ipods came out and spawned a h/w industry on accessories. Then came podcasting. A rising tide raises all boats. just make sure you’re sailing when the tide comes in.

  2. Anonymous says

    Ideas are a dime a dozen! I have 20 that could make me wealthy today. The hardest part is implementation and execution. Good Luck!

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