European Patent Office Search

Business is now, perhaps more than ever becoming highly competitive on a number of fronts. This is something I found out from personal experience a little over a year ago when working with an independent electrics company. The affects of the recession were beginning to show signs, and, although we were used to having to compete with the big guns in the market this was almost a stretch too far.

Despite such bleak circumstances however, we did have a glimmer of hope. We had managed to create a unique design for an electric plug adaptor, a moment that would shape the future of our business. Having created such a design we knew that we had to try and find some way to protect it, which obviously means going down the patent route, something that we really knew very little about in all honesty. If we wanted to make the most of this opportunity we had made for ourselves, we had to make sure it was done right.

After a couple of weeks of deliberating we eventually enlisted the services of the London based firm Withers and Rogers, who specialise in Intellectual Property law. From the very moment we affiliated ourselves with them they immediately began work and advising us on the most stringent steps to take in order to acquire the most effective and suitable patent for our product.

One of the first things they advised was to carry out a European patent search which involves online research through the European Patent Office database to find patents and applications from major companies in the particular field you are looking into. The idea is to help you gauge the repertoire of patents out there, and more importantly, to see if yours isn’t already taken. So it is an important step in the entire process. It was aspects like this and many others along the way that we had no idea even existed before we collaborated with the firm, so it not only enlightened us on the legislation and processes involved but also helped forge a successful patent.

I can sit here now and write wholeheartedly that they helped us no end in the entire process, using their expertise in the legislations and patent laws in Europe to ensure high quality service and results in a knowledgeable manner.

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