How to Choose the Right Name, Logo and Tagline for your Startup Company

Three of the most important tasks that you have as the founder of a new startup company are to choose a name, a logo and a tagline for your company. The truth is, marketing today, more than ever, is all about using words and images that sell and a well-chosen name, logo and tagline can do more for a company that mountains of publicity (although mountains of publicity still would be nice, don’’t get us wrong). To help you make the best decisions for your start-up’’s name, logo and tagline we’’ve put together this little blog.  Enjoy!

Choosing a name can be tricky but don’’t get stuck on it.  If the name that you want is available as a domain but it isn’’t cheap you should probably invest in it anyway.  The name that you company has will give it an identity with consumers and, if you want to sell a lot of whatever it is you’’re going to be producing, making, creating, writing or whatever, a well-chosen name can be the doorway that takes you there. Consider FaceBook for a moment.  Right now it conjures up images of the world’’s biggest social network but before Mr. Zuckerberg’’s baby was born the name meant nothing.  But, even though the name FaceBook was not known among the public at all,  it was incredibly catchy and was easy as heck to remember, the 2 most important traits a name should have. And the rest is history.

Creating a logo for your company is best left to a professional designer. Like the name you choose it should be something that catches the eye, is easy to remember and exemplifies what it is your company does. The Nike ‘‘swoosh’’ exemplifies the motion that you get when you wear their sports equipment.  The Twitter Bluebird logo is incredibly easy to remember and it stands for the speed at which they allow people to share their thoughts online through their social network. And if you don’’t succeed at first remember that there’’s no law saying that you can’’t change your logo if you find a replacement that’’s much better.

Using Nike’’s tagline ‘‘Just Do It’’ isn’’t fair to use as an example of a great tagline because it may be the world’’s best and most often imitated besides ‘‘Got Milk?’’. Nevertheless Nike’’s masterpiece of a tagline exemplifies everything about what a good tagline should be.  Short, sweet and easily to repeat.  Believe us, every single sports product company on the planet wished that they would have come up with that tagline because it’’s so perfect.  That’’s what you need for your company as well so take some time, call an expert (or at least some people whose opinions you trust) and try to pick something that will, in as few words as possible, tell the buying public exactly what your company does.

How hard could it be, right?

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