How to Hire the Right Employees

As your small business grows one of the things you’re naturally going to have to do is start hiring employees because there will undoubtedly come a time when there is too much work for you to handle all by yourself. One caveat; many small business owners make the mistake of confusing their lack of organizational skills as the sign that they need to hire someone to help them.  Don’t make this costly mistake.

There are pros and cons to having employees to be sure.  For every task that they help you to accomplish they can create new tasks that you will have to take care of as well. For every 10 good employees who help you greatly there will be one bad employee that makes you crazy.  Theft and tardiness will have to be dealt with as well as hiring and firing. Motivating your employees is also something that you’ll need to consider, especially when business is slow and times are tough (as they inevitably will be occasionally).

One of the most important tasks that you will have to complete before you hire anyone will be to write a job description so that your new hire knows exactly what he or she must do for you and when. Education level, experience, salary range and a host of other factors must be looked at as well. Recruiting prospective employees will also need to be addressed and can be done through various recruiting venues.

Interviewing and screening potential employees comes next so that you find the most qualified person and someone with whom you feel you can communicate well. There will be lots of people who apply for your offered job position so this task becomes quite vital. Phone interviews and resumes are the 2 best ways to complete this chore.

After that there’s the in-person interview for the most qualified candidates that you have already screened. This is not the time to settle but to pick the prospective employee that really is phenomenal. This is also not the time to feel sorry for anyone but to protect the future of your business.

Checking their references is vital before making the final step which is hiring the person that you feel best fits the job, leaving only the legal paperwork (and there can sometimes be a ton of that) to get through before your new employee can settle in and start making your (work) life a lot easier.


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