How to Make Technology Work for Your Business

Several decades ago, before the advent of the internet, businesses were tightly constrained by budgets and cash flow. There were limits to the scalability of the business because advertising and marketing simply cost too much and the overheads of operating on a large scale were beyond the reach of the small business. Factors such as equipment and technology also came at a high price.

Today, however, advances in technology have provided small companies with the opportunity to operate on smaller budgets and utilise different forms of marketing and advertising, and offer a whole host of new avenues for small businesses to reach global markets just as effectively as large corporations. Here are several ways in which you can make technology work for you. 

Keep operations lean and cost effective

A growing number of entrepreneurs are working from home or taking premises in the more affordable parts of town, to keep costs down. Increasingly much less business is being done in person so pricey office suites are, for many businesses, becoming a thing of the past. A functional office space is all that you really need. So, work can really be carried out anywhere just as long as you have access to a chair, desk, the internet, a phone line and a fast connection. When it comes to the latter, you can source the most affordable solution at a broadband comparison site.

Making technology work for your business means that you can operate your business from just about anywhere in the world. And with the availability of smartphones and tablets it now means that you neither need to be in an office nor at a computer to catch up on responding to emails. You can simply turn up early to your meetings and work from the palm of your hand.

Use the virtual environment to employ staff 

Hiring new staff is always a huge step for most small businesses because, especially during the quieter months, it can put pressure on cash flow. Thanks to technology, there is now a wealth of highly qualified and skilled expertise available online. This means that you can contract the services of professional marketers, salespeople, writers and administrators to work part-time or on a short-term basis.

Keep telecommunications costs to a minimum

Nowadays it’s only necessary to have one telephone line, whereas several years ago you may have needed several. Technology now offers a way to operate wirelessly to process credit card payments, faxes are more or less obsolete, and VOIP allows phone calls to be conducted over the internet, cutting phone bills drastically.