How to Make the Most Out of Your New Business

Getting your modern business on its feet is one thing, getting it to make money can be a total beast. Running a business can also be overwhelming without the right tools and ideas to create success in this day and age. From smartphones to the internet, and advertising right, to getting people to like and trust you–it can be a real nightmare. Take the monsters out of the think tank, and set sail for success with these great business development tips for the modern entrepreneur.

Smartphone Savvy

Get smartphone savvy, and create apps that promote your business. People are constantly face first in their mobile device. Which is where apps come in. These little guys are great tools that take the load off your back, and get your company rolling. If you have a restaurant offer delivery on GrubHub. Sell fabulous fashions and beauty items on Etsy. Have a lawn service or beauty salon? Offer deals on Groupon. All of these and more are there to help you get your name out there.

Create Coupons

Online coupons and promo codes are the smart tools for the modern business. Companies like Groupon will run your sale items for a minimal price. Remember, you have to invest your own money wisely in order to make money. Then watch the purchases fly in! People are constantly looking for that ‘big deal’ or ‘way to save BIG’, give them a good reason to do it with your business.

All in Advertising

Get with the social media program. Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, Tumbler, Linkedin, Pinterest and your email are all hard to manage just for your personal life. They can also enhance your business life! Ever searched for an item on Amazon, then mysteriously see that same item in your facebook feed reminding you you really want it? Yeah. That’s social media for you. Programs like HootSuite can help you manage all your social media posts at once, or if you want the big guns to come out you should search for an SEO/Social Media Management company. These guys can even track where you see the most traffic, get the most for your money, and tell your facebook friends what’s new this week!

Post it!

People forget about the power of the U.S. Post Office. Create fun postcards for local advertising or sweet ‘thank you’ notes. No matter what sort of business you have, some people think through sight and touch. You can do this on the cheap with stores like Shutterfly. Use simple design software to create a logo or a classic design that is eye catching, include your contact information and what you offer, and send it to potential customers or people you’d like to thank for their business–and spark a good relationship.

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