Mistakes that every entrepreneur should avoid

While one of the best ways to learn is from making mistakes, it sometimes is much more convenient, and much less costly, to get things right the first time. With that in mind, we put together a blog about some of the common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when they first start out.  Knowing these mistakes will allow you to avoid them in your own startup, saving you time  and bringing you success that much faster. If that sounds like a great plan to you, let’s get started. Enjoy.

Don’t distract you. Many entrepreneurs, when they first start their new business, are overflowing with ideas about how they want things to look, how they want to portray their business, what their uniforms should look like and so forth. While that’s all good and well, if you get distracted by all of these small things and lose focus on the big picture, you may find yourself way off target before you know it. Better to focus your time and energy on the 3 most important priorities that will get you from startup to success.  Once those priorities are met, focus on 3 new ones. Focus equals success.

Protect but don’t scare off. In this day and age it’s very important that you protect your intellectual property. That being said, what you don’t want to do is  make it uncomfortable for the people that you wish to help to be able to see, test and give you feedback. The ability to discuss your start up with unbiased people who can give you insight and possibly point out future problems is vital for any entrepreneur.  The feedback alone is  invaluable and can help you focus on the product traits or service sectors that you need to improve.

Real human interaction is not dead. While social media, mobile and other technologies have certainly allowed businesses to communicate and interact with customers, all of this technology is not nearly as valuable as simply picking up the phone and talking to a customer or talking face-to-face. Today, in our rush to stay ‘connected’ with as many people as possible, many businesses don’t truly connect with anyone. The key to long-term success is a solid customer base, something that can only be built over years and through excellent customer service, including real human interaction.

Hey hey, you you, get into the cloud.  If you are an entrepreneur, cloud technology should be your very best friend. With cloud technology there is no need to spend hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on servers, networking, storage and other software. Using the cloud is easy and very budget friendly and offers practically every  IT  infrastructure service, and the accompanying business applications, that your startup could possibly need. Better still, upgrades, maintenance and security are all put together into one monthly subscription fee, making payment easy.

No resting of laurels.  This last bit of advice as for the business owner and successful entrepreneur that has gotten their business to the point where everything is running as planned and money is actually flowing freely into your reserves, and not just out of them. While it certainly is tempting to sit back, relax and bask a little bit in your glory, doing it for too long can definitely have repercussions. Fact is, if you want to stay in business for the long run, you should always be striving to do better, provide better service, make better products and keep your customers tickled pink.

Going into business on your own takes guts, perseverance and just a little bit of crazy. It means long hours, sleepless nights and the occasional anxiety attack.  In the end however, the feeling of pride that you have when you’re not an entrepreneur but rather a  successful entrepreneur, is a feeling that can’t be matched. Owning your own business can be extremely rewarding both mentally and financially, but like any great reward it must be earned.  We hope that the advice above will help you to earn it quicker and with less headaches.

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