Outsource Method Review – Is Outsourcing Right For You?

Outsource Method Review

I just purchased Outsource Method, a new program by Daniel Turner and Marc Lindsay, and I have to say that so far I’m incredibly impressed, and I’m really excited to start implementing the techniques I’ve learned thus far.

(Please note, I used Outsource Method when it had a $1 trial period.  The current price for membership is $995, which may seem steep, but because you are given so much information, Outsource Method is still worth consideration.)

Outsource MethodI have been looking at outsourcing techniques for a while now because to be perfectly honest, working a full-time job and then working another four to six hours each night on building my online business was becoming quite a drag, both mentally and physically.

While I enjoy writing and site building, if I could outsource the grunt work to other people, I would be freed up to work on marketing and other “higher level” business activities, not to mention being able to get more beauty rest.

This is where Outsource Method comes in, and walks you though the process of how to outsource the grunt work. Basically Outsource Method teaches you how to work smarter – not harder – and shows you how to get more results with less effort on your part.

Here are some key things you learn from Outsource Method:

  • Why outsourcing is critical if you want to grow your business and have free time
  • How to go about selecting the right people to outsource to
  • How to put together proposals that get you exactly what you want while saving you time and money
  • How to successfully pull off your first outsourcing job and where to go from there

If you’re anything like me, you have a tough time letting to and “assigning” work to other people. However, since there are only 24 hours in a day, there’s really only so much that we can accomplish on our own.

When you add in the fact that most of us small-time internet marketers have regular full-time jobs, families and basic human needs (like wanting to eat and sleep), there’s really only a couple hours each day that can be devoted to working on your online business. Obviously it’s pretty tough to grow a business if only a couple hours per day are being put into it.

So why not put more time into you business by leveraging the time that you do have so that you can maximize efforts and profits?

Let’s look at this very likely real world scenario:

You only have two hours each day that you can devote to growing your online business, and chances are you’re not going to be able to get a lot done in that time. Maybe you’ll be able to do some tweaking to your WordPress site, write a new article and then distribute it to Digg, Facebook and Twitter.

Not to sound like a jerk, but that’s really not a lot to show for two hours of work.

Now let’s look at another very likely scenario, should you choose to begin outsourcing your grunt work:

You only have two hours each day to devote to your online business, but during those two hours you put together a request to have 50 unique articles created for your site (which you’ll receive the following day), contact a website developer to talk about updating your latest affiliate website, and work with your SEO team to help get another site ranked higher on Google for highly targeted keywords.

In looking at the two scenarios, in which one was more work accomplished? In which one did you work the least? Hmm… get more accomplished while doing less work? Sounds pretty smart to me!

Yes, I realize that outsourcing isn’t free; you do in fact have to pay the people that are helping you. That being said, outsourcing is incredibly cheap, especially when you factor in the dollar value of your own time. And when being guided by Outsource Method, you’re not going to get burned or end up wasting your money.

In fact, after following the lessons in Outsource Method, you’re probably going to ask yourself why you didn’t start outsourcing work earlier.

Let me leave you with just one more example (in case you couldn’t tell, I’m really trying to hammer home the point):

I value my own personal time at $100 an hour. That’s not too cheap, yet not too expensive. So, to do those two hours where I slave away at writing a single article and installing some WordPress plugins, I would essentially have to myself $200 to do that work. In the other scenario, where I do far less work and a lot more delegating, I may only have to pay the article writer and my design and SEO teams a total of $50, or roughly $25 per hour.

So not only am I working less, but I’m actually coming out $150 ahead.

One of the oldest facts of business is you don’t get rich working for people; you get rich when people work for you.

Do yourself a favor, check out Outsource Method and finally get the free time – and business growth – you deserve.

Outsource Method Review

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