The Best Online Business for 2013 Part 3 of 4

Welcome back for Part 3.  Continuing with our theme of best online business that you can start in 2013 we have many here that, with a little bit of effort and patience, could become the best thing you ever did to make a living.  Take a look, make some notes and get to work!

A College Entrance Exam Essay Writer can make a great income catering to high school kids who are musically inclined but can’t write worth a darn.  Yes the moral and ethical issues are there but, if you can get past those (and a lot of cash can help) you could help the thousands of kids who struggle every year to write something that looks and sounds good so they can get into college and waste mom and dad’s money.

Market research is something that many small businesses need but few can get done. If you have a market research company online to help them they will help you to have an excellent year financially.

This may not be in your skill set but a custom software development business can be very lucrative.  If you have the ideas but not the know-how there are people you can hire that will do the development if you have the idea.  It takes a little research to find a developer to work with but once you do you’re ready to get going.

Do you love to cook, bake or otherwise make great food?  If your friends are always looking to you to provide the food at parties and holidays why not turn that knowledge and experience into an online cooking school?  Post videos, sell products and make a living doing what you love.

A remote computer repair service could be your financial ticket if you’re computer savvy.  There are plenty of programs that you can use to diagnose computer problems remotely and help the hundreds of thousands of people who have them every day with their laptops and PCs.

If you’re big into being green you may have what it takes to start an online marketing consultant business for green companies. If you’re passionate about the environment and a great marketer you could put the 2 together and make an excellent business out of them.

Are you a card sharp?  If so you could start your own online poker coaching program.  There are quite a few already so you may need to focus on a niche group, an uncommon strategy or a specific type of poker.  Texas hold-em and other games of chance can be your point of focus too.

If you’re a brilliant money guru turn that brilliance into a personal finance coaching business online. Depending on whom you think you can serve and what they have to offer this could prove to be very profitable.

Not a bad bunch of ideas, yes?  We have more so please join us back here soon for Part 4.  See you soon!

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