The Best Online Business for 2013 Part 4 of 4

Welcome back.  We truly hope that some of the ideas you’ve seen here on the 1st  3 Parts of our 4 Part series have been helpful in stirring up some ideas and opportunities in your brain.  This final part will give you just a few more interesting and possibly very profitable ideas that you can turn into your own online business in 2013. Enjoy!

Do you love to sew baby clothes?  If you do and they’re really well done you could turn that into a custom baby clothes business and sell your creations online on eBay, Etsy and others sites.  New moms especially love something unique for baby and if you give them what they want they will reward you financially for it.

If you’re like most of us catching your mistakes when you write can be difficult and frustrating.  On the other hand if you’re an excellent proofreader you could start an online proofreading service and help people spot their mistakes before they are embarrassed by them.

Resume writing is also a skill that few possess and, although there are already services out there, there is always room for more as new people enter the workforce every day.  An online resume writing service may be just the ticket that you need to make a great living in the future.

Do you adore your pets and make them custom clothes and accessories? Why not use that love (and those skills) to turn it into an online pet clothing and accessories business?  If you love pets and are extremely handy with arts, crafts and sewing this might be something wonderful for you in 2013.

There are certainly plenty of people playing video games online these days but much fewer girls than boys.  A girls-only online gaming club may sound a little silly but, with their numbers growing, may provide an outstanding way for you to make a living online.

Are you an eco-warrior?  Do you love weddings?  If so why not combine those 2 loves and be an eco-friendly wedding planner who plans weddings for others who share your desire to save the planet but still want to party on their big day.

Are you the best mom in town?  A nanny who’s better than super? Why not showcase those skills with an online parent coaching service  and help other parents to raise their little monsters, um, we mean children, correctly.  Many moms and dads need daily help with this and it could well be a very rewarding business online.

And there you have them.  Almost 40 ideas that you can use to start, build and create an online business in 2013.  We hope that you’ve enjoyed the Blogs and that, in 2013, your entrepreneurial spirit and your love of online business comes together successfully.  Have a great 2013!

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