Tips for Running a Small Business Successfully

As with anything in life it helps to have a few Tips and some inside information when you get started in your new small business so that you can avoid the common pitfalls and problems that people before you have experienced doing the same thing. To that end below are a few great tips that you can and should use when you’re starting any new business.

Do we have to talk about a Business Plan?  If you don’t have one you really have no business going into business.  Your business plan, even if it’s quite simple, is the map that you will use to plot out your future moves?  Would a sailor leave port without his map?  No. Should you start a business without a sound business plan? No.

Use your Bank to your advantage, and if you can’t do that find another bank to work with that will help you run your business more efficiently and fits your particular business plan, find another bank. The fact is that most banks will help you out if you’re a smaller, start up business by giving you better rates, free direct deposit and smaller loans that fit your budget.

Get out in the public, make friends, talk to people and network, network, network. Join in community events, talk to owners of businesses similar to yours and completely different too. Join some small business associations.  Get out there and make yourself known!

Make sure you’re organized and stay organized.  Information about your time, your people, your finances and your inventory need to be at your fingertips constantly.  Make a spreadsheet that keeps track of all the important numbers and details and review it thoroughly once a week. Organization can make or break a new business.

Stay on top of new info, new techniques and new developments in your industry. Take online classes, subscribe to newsletter and magazines about your industry and stay informed. You never know when something new wil come along that wil make you life, or your customers’ life, better.

Get the licenses and permits that you need before opening your doors and make sure that you’re running a legal business in every way.

Certify all of the people that work for you that should be certified. Having these certifications will not only give your clients more confidence but it will also allow you to charge more for your services.

Running a business can come with large expenses. To help reduce costs, considering using a freight broker to improve your business’s efficiency as a whole.

Finally offer references or testimonials and also put them in your marketing.  Nothing helps a business more than testimonials.