Top 10 Small Business Opportunities in 2012

One of the best bets for small business minded entrepreneurs is definitely online.  There are so many online business opportunities out there that it would be hard to give an exact list of them all.  Even with the online piracy act laws that the present administration keep trying to jam down our throats the fact is that there exist many opportunities online that are lucrative and don’t require nearly as much computer expertise as just a scant 5 years ago.

For example, Social Media specialists will be a growing field as the rising power of this online phenomenon continued to gain momentum and continues to shape trends and drive revenue streams. The simple fact is that every single business in the future will need a social media expert to guide and structure their social media campaigns and profiles.  There are a number of services that can be offered under the social media umbrella and, if you’re a social media guru, you will find your services in demand.

If you can show business how to let their employees work ‘from the cloud’ you will also be in demand in the coming years as more and more companies strive to keep their people at home, saving time, energy and office space. A support company that helps businesses to help their people to work remotely is an excellent opportunity in a rapidly growing field.

Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing services are also on the rise.  Crowdfunding allows entrepreneurs to find the money that they need to get their projects off the ground and Crowdsourcing lets them find the ideas that they want. Putting together a web-based platform that lets them do both is like throwing birdseed at the park; pretty soon they’ll be flocking to what you have.

As social media grows more powerful so does the threat of sabotage and reputation damage by unhappy customers and unscrupulous competitors. A bad review or an unflattering photo can be very damaging and, if you can help your clients to avoid or erase these problems, they will pay you handsomely for your Reputation Management services.

Finally there’s web content, and if you’re a talented copywriter and can keep that content flowing there are many companies that will pay you generously to do it.As the search engines constantly change the need for high-quality, original web content grows even stronger. Fill that need and online businesses will fill your coffers.

So get out there and use these ideas to start your own small business today.