Top 3 Challenges of Running a Small Business

Before leaving your day job to start your own small business, you should first understand the many challenges that you may face as an entrepreneur. It is true that being your own boss and creating your own business strategies can result to great success, but the road going there is not exactly that smooth. You will find yourself making hundreds of decisions and the wrong ones can make your business suffer. To lessen your risk, it is best to anticipate the various challenges that you might face in able to prepare yourself in solving them.

Financial Capital

Most budding entrepreneurs fail to realize that they need more money than what is required to start a business. You may have the expenses for your products, office, equipment, and registration covered, but do you have enough money for your day-to-day operations? You have to remember that new businesses take months to reach the breakeven point and the profit that comes after that may not be substantial at all, so you have to expect that your cash flow will be going out for at most a year, depending on how good your business or niche is. Therefore, your capital should be big enough for a year’s operation. The good news is, you can always find investors to help you or take out a loan for additional business capital.

Business Marketing

Being a new player in your chosen industry, you may find the competition extremely tough and without a good marketing strategy, it may take you long before you get the attention of your targeted market. This is why having a plan in place on how you should promote and advertise your business is essential from the very start. You do not just start a business and then think of your marketing campaigns later on. In fact, great entrepreneurs usually work on their advertising campaigns as soon as they start registering their business. Since printed and digital media can be expensive for a budding small business, your best solution would be to turn to online marketing. You can use the social media and start your own website so that people can find information about your business when they search the web. When the sales start to come in, you can slowly move on to more targeted marketing strategies, like renting billboard spaces in areas where your market is located.

Work Force

Small businesses are often a one-man show. This means that the boss, which is you, is also the secretary, the accountant, the purchaser, and the errand boy, all rolled into one. You will definitely save on labor cost with this strategy, but you will soon find yourself overloaded with work and responsibilities, which can have a negative effect on your performance. Taking on roles that are not your expertise may also cause you to make mistakes. If you cannot hire an entire staff for your small business all at once, try to at least pinpoint important key positions and find a qualified person for those jobs. This can improve your productivity and can be a good preparation in your plan to scale up in the future.

Starting a business from scratch takes a lot of hard work, but once everything is in place and once you have good people to rely on to help you run your business, things will be a lot easier and you can start reaping the rewards of all your sacrifices.

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