Using Grants and Charities to Bolster Small Businesses

People that want to own their own small business are out there; most of them simply do not have the funding in order to purchase all that is required to own and operate a business.  These people are the ones that will make a great business, because they want to open a store that sells or provides a service that they are passionate about.  Passion and motivation are the two main ingredients when it comes to a successful business.  Unfortunately, the other ingredient is startup capital.

The first place most people turn to is their bank.  Looking for a loan is a great place to start, because there a lot of banks to ask and a lot of information can be gained from being turned down.  By asking each bank why the bank does not want to invest in the project, a prospective owner can identify flaws and issues with his or her business plan.  Taking the time to improve will the business plan will increase the possibility of being accepted for a business loan.  The best part is that once a business plan is good enough for a bank to hand out money it is time to turn to places that will donate money to help out a new business.

The first place to look is the government.  There are countless programs that offer different grants to small businesses; these grants are offered due to a wide variety of reasons.  Perspective business owners can take their business plan and apply for what is basically free money.  The grants may not be a lot of money, but at this point in the business anything can help.  It will mean borrowing less money from a bank and this will lead to smaller monthly payments, less interest accrued each month, and more options on what the small business can buy.

The other place to look is in the private sector.  Many large foundations need to give away money; this sounds like an odd concept.  A place that is forced to give away money does not seem to make sense.  The truth is that these large foundations have to give away money for tax purposes; it helps them by lowering the amount they owe the government and it helps the small business owner by providing opportunities to build that small business.  The foundation is going to be similar to a bank in that they want to see a smart business plan; some of them will even provide guidance to a small business owner on how to make his or her business better.

The availability of money is high, but it goes to the most passionate and motivated people; this is because those people put in the work to show that the business will succeed and that it will be profitable.  There is a lot of time and effort that has to go into the design of a business long before it ever becomes a reality; this gives a prospective small business owner the chance to ensure that he or she really wants to chase this dream.