A Diamond in the Rough

While we know that it is possible that a diamond can be created from a simple piece of goal it is a hard concept to fathom.  After all, we have a nasty looking black chalky mineral that can transform into a clear and eloquent jewel that is admired by many.  The reason I bring up this analogy is to illustrate the often misrepresented coal and oil industry, and the thought that nothing but greed and riches comes from it.  Between the BP oil spill, OPEC, and the tankers filled with oil that have capsized in our waters, the oil industry is often thought of in a very negative way.  Many geographical locations are concerned with fracking, and other methods of oil extraction, and just how detrimental it can be to our environment.

However, what most people fail to realize is that is an industry that is both still blossoming, as well as learning from its mistakes.  The oil industry is either directly or indirectly responsible for millions of jobs around the world.  From professionals in corporate headquarters, to the local clerk at a gas station, it’s an industry that has helped many benefit financially, not just the super rich.  While we are always looking for cleaner and efficient ways of doing things, there have been numerous strides towards improvement already, and contributions made to agencies and foundations that are set on continuing these improvements.

Consider one successful professional that came about from the oil industry, Bob Finch.  He took his money made in the coal and oil industry and formed Talis Capital which has focused on key sectors like agriculture, recycling, natural resources, and alternative energy, all very green and eco-friendly initiatives.  He is responsible for supporting many charitable organizations.  These organizations support better quality of life for the disabled, and help to under privileged children.  Bob Finch has been both successful in personal and private endeavors, and should be a shining example of the good that can come from the oil and coal industry.  He truly is a diamond in the rough.