Fire Safety in the Workplace and how to Keep Escape Routes Clear

From a young age we are taught about the dangers of fire and how to react if one were to breakout, and this knowledge is kept with us throughout life. At schools there are regular drills to prepare students, and in the workplace there are fire safety practices that you need to implement. Your company will need to have a plan for what to do in case of fire, and this will include a safe evacuation route, a register of everyone in the building and an assembly point away from the building. Health & Safety regulations require you to test your systems and plan on a regular basis. Fire ruins lives, but with a well thought out plan you can safely evacuate everyone and allow the fire brigade to come in and do their job, and this can also help to reduce damage to your building.

In order to keep your evacuation route free from smoke you will need to install a smoke ventilation system. This is an electric window and vent opening system, which will vent smoke to the outside of the building, keeping stairwells and corridors safe to use. By clearing these routes it does two things; firstly it allows you and your employees to quickly and safely escape the building, and secondly it enables the fire brigade easy access into the building so that they can extinguish the fire.

Getting a Bespoke System Installed

The best way to get an effective and high standard ventilation system fitted is to find a specialist, like Rocburn Limited amongst others, and then provide them with your building plans, window schedule and evacuation routes. A specialist team will then be able to design the best system for your building, and this will include electric window actuators and roof vent openers which will operate automatically in the event of a fire.

Through training your staff, having a well practiced evacuation drill, a British Standard fire alarm system and a high quality smoke ventilation system in place you will be fully prepared for any emergency and will have done everything possible to protect yourself, your staff and your company building. It is hoped that you will never need this protection, but if you ever do then it will allow for a fast and safe escape to the established assembly point away from the building.

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