Improving the Efficiency of each Business Department

The individual departments of a medium or large organisation are naturally distanced, not only physically but in terms of the different objectives that are held by each sector. Taking regular action to bridge this gap can mean the difference between a deteriorating mess and a competent, well-run business. If your organisation lacks a tight and productive framework, follow these tips towards creating more efficient departments.

Improve interdepartmental communication

Blurring the boundaries between departments (at least in a social sense) is a no-brainer for any company, particularly medium to large corporations. Good communication promotes flexibility within each department and strengthens trust. Ergo, your entire business will run on a foundation of reliability and security. Departments that are in regular communication are ones in sync and are far more likely to be productive as a result.

Host interdepartmental meetings twice a month; ask how you can be of assistance to another department or organise company away-days that feature trust-building exercises with other departments – each of these will strengthen communication and work ethic.


Set up departmental budgets

Implementing a budget for each department and sticking to it not only keeps company expenses under control, it ensures each department is working harmoniously to realize the full-scale plan of your entire organisation. Setting strict monthly and annual budgets for everything from office supplies to energy usage will allow you to make adjustments for the following months. In addition to improving yearly financial projections, you will soon save money where it matters i.e. to the point where you may be able to request an increase in budget funds.

Revise department business plans

Whether or not your original plans have stood you in good stead thus far, there is always room for improvement so it may be a good idea to update and streamline individual business plans. Ask yourself – is a department’s mission statement still relevant now? Has this department achieved everything it set out to in the last year? Could one department benefit from using certain technology i.e. issuing company tablets or using updated software? Constantly revising and improving the ideas and long-term goals of each department is what keeps your business ticking over so take the time to polish individual business plans.

An efficient and productive company is one that appreciates and nurtures each department. Help to develop key departments such as recruitment and contracting for the sake of overall productivity within your company and build your reputation as a compliant and well-structured business.

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