Be Bold and Mighty Forces Will Come to Your Aid

I’m sitting here on my 12th floor balcony overlooking the ocean and I’m starting to feel a little bit antsy.  Not in a bad way (how can it be bad, I’m at the beach?!?), but it a “what are some simple ways I can get more traffic and improve my conversions” sort of way.

What can I say, it’s difficult for me to turn it off.

Anyway, I thought back to Marshall Wayne’s guest post, which got me thinking about one of my favorite quotes of all-time:

Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.” – Basil King (not Goethe, as many believe thanks to Almost Famous)

This quote can help you become a better blogger on a couple different fronts.  In continuing with Marshall’s theme, writing bold and catchy headlines will certainly grab readers and, at the very least, get them to read the first paragraph or two of your article.

Next, being bold and semi-outrageous in your copy will keep people on the page long enough to actually finish your post.  Over the past decade or so, it seems like it has been beaten into our heads that we need to be as politically correct and down the middle as possible so as to not offend anyone.

While that’s certainly great, it’s not going to gain you many long term readers.  After all, there are probably thousands of other blogs out there that give a middle of the road perspective, regardless of your niche.  But, if you pick a side and (most importantly) are adamant about the stance you’ve taken, you’re going to strike a chord with your readers whether they agree with you or not.

For a real world example of how this actually works, just take a look at Howard Stern.  His rise to being “the king of all media” as well as  amassing a net worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars all started with him being so outrageous on the air that it forced people to either love him or hate him.  Not surprisingly, both sides of the aisle continued to tune it, just to hear what he would say or do next.

You can do that with your blog too.  Now, I’m not saying you have to be raunchy or vulgar, just be different and convincing.

The final way being bold will help you is in your submission to the social bookmarking and networking sites.  If you post your link and say, “Review of the Cell Phone Cash Program,” or, “here’s my latest blog post,” you’re probably not going to get too many people to click on the link or vote it up on Digg and reddit (as we know, success on social bookmarking sites is all about your headline).

However, if you say something to the effect of, “How a Cell Phone Created a Millionaire,” or, “How to Get Someone Other Than Your Mom to Read Your Articles,” you’ll probably get a lot more clicks and (more importantly) votes on the social bookmarking sites, increasing your chances of getting to the home page and gaining even more visitors  increasing your chances to “go viral.”

So keep King’s quote in mind when you’re writing your posts.  Take every opportunity you can to be bold and express your own opinion.  Don’t be afraid of offending your readers; instead, embrace the chance to push the envelope, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with your long-term increase in traffic and conversions.


  1. Can this be sustained on a blog and keep credibility? I’m all for strong opinion and catchy, imaginative titles to posts, but if we keep trying to shock rather than concentrate on good content it will backfire.

    • I don’t think he means shock for “shock” sack.. he’s saying be true to your opinions. Everyone has strong ones (or if you want to be a good writer than you better develop some. ) But don’t diminish your voice and candor to please your audience. Instead embrace your unique perspective, put it out there–boldly, clearly, concisely, poetically–and see what comes back!