Cheap Ways to Market Your Site – Part 14

Today’s tip really isn’t a way to market your site, however it does give you a place where you can go to lots of information from marketing experts, all for free!

Use your local library!

Your local library is probably the single greatest resource you have as an entrepreneur or website developer. Where else can you get pages and pages of advice from world renowned experts, all for free?

Over the past six months, I have probably checked out 50 or more books from the library on topics ranging from marketing, running an online business, Adobe Photoshop… you name it, I probably checked it out.

And as an entrepreneur, I always have to be thinking about the bottom line. You know how much all of those books cost me? If you guess free, you’re wrong – I did have a $.75 late fee.

But you catch my drift.

In addition to all of the books and research materials available to you, most public libraries will periodically have free seminars that may be of use to you and your business or site.

All things considered, your local public library should be one of the most important resources you use while you are starting a business.