Cheap Ways to Market Your Site – Part 15

Today’s tip will not help you market your site or business, and will take less than a minute to do

Print up business card sized flyers and put them on the windshield of the cars parked next to you.

The flyer doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, probably just a catchy line and your site’s URL would do the trick. Even just your URL may be enough to pique someone’s interest.

Most people have learned to tune out the sheet of paper sized flyers and don’t even bother looking at them before crumpling them up into a ball. However, people will take notice of a flyer if it is the size of a business car.

Certainly, if you had more time and energy, you could put these cards on more than just the cars parked in the immediate vicinity of your car. The more the merrier.

The nice thing about marketing this way is you can carry the cards in your car or even your pocket, and it doesn’t really take much time to leave a card on the four or five cars that are parked next to you.