Cheap Ways to Market Your Site, Part 17

Today’s tip is probably is probably more useful and relevant for someone who has a site that a product or products, but can also be implemented by someone who simply wants to create traffic.

Create and distribute coupons.

If you took a poll of 100 people and asked them if they would buy a product from a site they were fairly certain would save them money or from a site where they weren’t sure if they would save money, I’d be willing to bet at least 99 would choose the first site.

Let’s be honest here, EVERYBODY likes to save money, so finding a simple way to help potential customers save money is probably the easiest way to increase traffic. One of the easiest ways to help customers save money is through some type of coupon system.

Whether you mail or email the coupons out to potential customers is up to you (I would chose email because it’s free) but by simply getting a coupon in front of a potential customer, you are greatly increasing the chances they will visit your site.

So, what do you do if you don’t sell a product or service? You can just put a simple twist on the coupon idea and get the same results.

For example, a coupon may say something like, “buy one item, get the second half off.” For someone who doesn’t sell a product, you can create a mock coupon that says something like, “FREE gas saving tips at Daily Fuel Economy Tip.”

Everyone loves free items, and at the very least it will get someone to check out your site.