Cheap Ways to Market Your Site, Part 7

Thanks to the positive response I’ve received for the “Cheap Ways to Market Your Site” series, I’ve decided to continue it.

Magnetize your URL and take it for a drive.

What do I mean by that?

The other day while I was waiting at Jiffy Lube to get my car’s oil changed and the vehicle in front of me had a magnetic “sticker” across its trunk. And, you guessed it, on the magnet was a company’s URL.

Because there was nothing else to do while I was waiting, I wrote down the URL and then visited the site when I got home, which of course got me thinking about how great that magnet was.

Think about it, how many different cars do you get stuck behind when you’re driving down the road, waiting at the drive thru or sitting at a stop light? I would imagine it’s over a hundred different cars each day. That’s a hundred different people you can expose to your website and even if you don’t get all of them to visit your site once they get home, if you get a few people each day, you’re really going to see a spike in the number of hits, and sales, your site sees.

Also, with proliferation of cell phones that are web accessible, you can even reach people that can access your site immediately (but let’s hope they’re passengers, not drivers).

From the quick research that I’ve done, it looks like you should probably be able to get a relatively simple car magnet for less than $20, which would definitely be money well spent.


  1. Jiffy Lube??? Goodyear is cheaper and better!!!

  2. Yeah, but Jiffy Lube is right up the street from work so it’s more convenient to get to it during my lunch break.

  3. Anonymous says

    Goodyear is up the street too plus they take appointments and can also shuttle you to and from work if you need to leave your car! They have a great VIP program where oil changes cost something like 14.95!