Cheap Ways to Market Your Site, Part 9

Much like yesterday’s post, today I’m going to talk about an item that isn’t necessarily an act of marketing your business, blog or site, but in the long run, implementing this strategy will help you expand your business or site.

Get feedback from everyone that contacts your business or site.

This is critically important in helping you tailor your business or site to what your potential customers want, not what YOU think that they want.

Whether that is giving your customers or visitors the opportunity to leave comments (such as what I do with each post on The New Business Blog), giving out your contact information (such as an email address or phone number) or asking that each customer complete a feedback form, you have to create a way where you can hear what the customer wants from you.

For example, you may have noticed that the number of posts on The New Business Blog regarding In My Memories have become less and less. A lot of that is because of the feedback I’ve received from readers, who have asked for more resources for starting their own businesses and not so many updates regarding mine.

The reason I’m okay with that is because I want people to come here and read my business blog and use it as a resource. If they want me to post less about In My Memories, I will gladly do so.

In order to be successful in business, or in anything for that matter, you have to be flexible and willing to adapt.

There’s no point in being stubborn if it’s ultimately going to cost you visits to your site or decrease the number of sales your business makes.