Entrepreneur Tips on Using LinkedIn from the Pros

Social media powerhouse LinkedIn is an excellent way to make connections and introductions that can help you in your job search and in your career. It’s also changing as of the last two or three years and becoming a powerful platform that can actually supercharge any type of content marketing that you might be doing, even if you don’t happen to be a LinkedIn Influencer.

Today’s blog has several tips and some great advice that successful entrepreneurs have shared with us (and that were now sharing with you). If you want to use LinkedIn to get lots more eyes in front of your content, keep on reading. Enjoy.

LinkedIn Tip #1: Start or Join Discussions. If you’re writing articles for content marketing, every time that you post one you should also begin a conversation about the same topic in any LinkedIn groups that you’re associated with. If you want to go further than just simply linking to an article, post a topic of discussion or asking a question will help you even more.

LinkedIn Tip #2: Get your Employees on the content-sharing bandwagon. One of the keys to an effective strategy on LinkedIn is to get your employees on board with sharing your content and one of the best ways to do that is simply to email them and ask for their help. The fact is, most of them are staring at their computer screens (as well as their smart phone and tablet screens) all day and all night and checking their email constantly. If you can write an excellent Subject Line that has a simple yet powerful call to action, the likelihood of it being shared between professionals is high.

LinkedIn Tip #3: Don’t forget to use LinkedIn’s Product pages and Service pages. On every LinkedIn company page on their site you’ll find two things that can amplify your business content; product pages and service pages. These pages allow you to give more details about the products and services that your offering, as well as spotlighting customer product recommendations and adding powerful images to make your products and services stand out from the crowd. Even better, since you’ll be able to see the number of impressions that these service pages and product pages receive (thanks to LinkedIn building it into their system) you’ll be able to see exactly which of your services are the most popular and how many people are actually searching for your company online.

LinkedIn Tip #4: Use Groups to promote your Brand. This is one of the best ways on LinkedIn to promote yourself. By joining groups you can greatly expand your reach and share your experience and expertise at the same time. Under the target keyword “writer” for example there are over 740 groups and one of them even has 13,000 members! By joining several groups at the same time you’ll strengthen your brand, boost your expertise and network yourself in a big way.

LinkedIn Tip #5: Create your own LinkedIn Page. If you don’t have your own LinkedIn page yet, he definitely need to put one together as it can greatly increase the amount of people who will have their eyes on your company and also can help you to put together content for some of your other social media platforms at the same time.

LinkedIn Tip #6: Remembered to Update your Status. What many people often forget is that LinkedIn, just like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, is a social network that you can leverage to share your content with people all over the world. Because of the fact that LinkedIn is connected with a lot more “groups” your status update on the site will have more traction than some of the other social media sites.

LinkedIn, amazingly, is now the Number 2 social media website in the world, still a good bit behind Facebook but just slightly ahead of Twitter. As with all social media websites it’s going through changes and morphing into something completely different from where it started. For entrepreneurs and content marketers looking to increase their readership and spread their content far and wide, it’s quickly become the “go to” social media website on the web today.


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