Marketing and Advertising Tips for the Small Business Owner – Part 3

Welcome back for Part 3 of our 4 part series on marketing and advertising tips for the small business owner.  We’re going to give you more excellent advice and tips that you can use right away so settle in, take note of everything that you’re not using yet and get started using them ASAP.

Today one of the most important online tools that you can use is a ‘landing page’ that, when people find it, can lead them directly to your business. You’ll want to use high-quality SEO to rank high on the search engines and, once they ‘land’ on your page, something enticing to persuade them to leave their contact info, phone number or email address. And seriously, you should give them something that has real value as the bait. Once you have their email or phone you can start sending them info about your company on a regular basis.

Using email to communicate is fine but, when it comes to special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, sending an honest-to-goodness birthday or anniversary card signed by you is the way to go.  No, this won’t actually create a sale per-se but it will create a huge amount of affinity in the hearts and minds of your clients and tell them that you really do care.  Heck, send them a coupon or gift card and you’ll have them in the palm of your hands.

If you can find a business in your community that has a complimentary product or service to yours one of the best things you can do is team-up on advertising campaigns.  This will not only cut your advertising costs directly in half but, if you pair with a company that is well-liked in your community, could raise your likeability factor up a level as well. It could also be the start of a great business relationship.

When sending out marketing message s keep in mind this 1 statistic- it takes approximately 7 repeat views for anybody to remember your print ad.  TV takes even more, which means that repetition is the key to success with advertising and marketing. One of the biggest mistakes that small businesses make is to ‘try’ a form of advertising once and, when it doesn’t produce the results they expected, stop it completely before it has a real chance to pay off.

There you have them.  Now go out and use them and, when you’re ready for more, come back and join us for Part 4.

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