New Site on the Blogroll –

First off, I’d like to thank the person that submitted my Daily Fuel Economy Tip site to, as it got over 20,000 hits over the last two days. My Google AdSense account thanks you.

Okay, back to what I originally intended to talk about which is

As you may remember from my post on procrastination, there was about a two month period where I didn’t check my New Business Blog email account. During that time, I received an email from a guy named Adnan who wanted to swap links with me. So, two months later, this is how I first came to find out about Blogtrepreneur.

Anyway, I’ve visited the site a couple of times and I think there’s a lot of good information to be had. Adnan is in the middle of putting together his own e-business ( so I think he would be a good resource for anyone else out there who is thinking about putting together a for-profit site. Myself included.

Some of the topics covered on Blogtrepreneur include Google AdSense, how to start an e-business, blogging for money, and search engine optimization. These topics are covered well and would be a great starting point for anyone who is in the process of starting a blog or an e-business.

So, for those of you interested in checking out another online business resource, I’d recommend checking out


  1. Thanks for that Brian,
    Sorry I didn’t email you back last night – things have been a bit hectic – I made a significant breakthrough with Golf Chum so I’ve been focusing more on that. I hope we’ll be hearing a lot more from you Brian! Just out of interest, Im assuming you have this domain with hosting – have you considered moving to WordPress?

  2. Yes, I have considered it, but the company I’m using for hosting (GoDaddy) makes using WordPress notoriously difficult.

  3. Oh right, thats a shame. Maybe you should consider moving hosts. I know a host that can get you hosting for $5 per month if you want, he has the best support ever. Or I can arrange for a Dreamhost coupon code, so you save loads on hosting. Eitherway, you need WordPress, when I moved from Blogger to WordPress I felt the difference, and since then Im able to customise my heart out, and make my site look pretty good 🙂

  4. I agree. Because I’m so tech-tarded, I probably need to find a host that already has WordPress already loaded on it.