Social Media Marketing for the Small Business: Series 6 of 8

Hello and welcome back for Part 6 of our 8 Part Social Media series for small business. Today’s topic is Multimedia such as videos, photos and even audio and how they can help you promote and brand your small business.  This may be one of the more difficult aspects of social media marketing quite honestly but the payoff can be bigger too so, in our opinion, it’s well worth the effort.

No conversation about multimedia on the internet would be complete without YouTube of course, the video juggernaut that is one of the most powerful and popular websites in the entire world.  Participating on YouTube will help your biz but, to get the most bang for your buck out of the site, you’re going to need to start making and posting videos of your own.

These can be as simple or as complex as you’d like, but we suggest that simple is the way to get started.  A webcam and some expert knowledge is all you need, plus a topic that is interesting of course and will attract viewers and hold their attention.

YouTube also has a powerful suite of tools that you can use to evaluate the effectiveness of your videos, making it easier to know what people are watching and what to offer in the future.

Flickr is another site that is excellent for building some affinity for your brand and/or product.  People love pictures and Flickr give you a place to post and share them easily.  They also have discussion groups and other tools that will help you focus on your local marketplace.

BlogTalk Radio is becoming a very popular site for businesses.  You can host your own internet radio talk show there and, if you offer interesting info, tips, tidbits and other useable content, you will find that people start tuning in regularly, especially if you give them the opportunity to call in and ask questions directly to you.

The main point of any multimedia content is of course to make it interesting, helpful or, if neither of those two, at least funny.  People love funny and you will certainly build an affinity for your biz and your product using humor.  As will all Social Media content is king so before you start make sure that what you will give your viewers / listeners will entertain or help them in some way.

Once you’re on your way to YouTube stardom remember to come back for Part 7!