The Art of Advertising Bartering

First off, I apologize for the abnormally long time between posts. I recently tried to restain my deck, which was something that I thought would take just a couple of days to do. Unfortunately, it took over a week, and has been occupying most of my time.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to get back to writing!

Anyway, today’s post is about business bartering, specifically how to trade advertising among websites.

Typically when you think of advertising on someone’s website (or having someone advertise on your site) you think of having to shell out (or receive) a certain amount of money for an ad space in the hopes that your traffic will increase. Sometimes this ends up being a pretty good deal and you get a nice bang for your buck; other times it’s the equivalent to you flushing your business’ money down the toilet.

In other words, you’re taking a somewhat educated gamble that you’ll be able to turn your advertising money into more hits or sales.

Lately, I have been approached by several webmasters that wanted to “trade” advertising – meaning neither site would receive monetary compensation for having the other’s ad run on their site, but both sites would receive the same benefits of a regular advertising campaign.

At first glance, this seems like nothing more than a simple link exchange, but it’s definitely a lot more than that. By trading advertising, you’re giving the other site more than just a link, you’re actually using banner ads and images in oder to drive traffic from your site to their’s (and vice versa).

Due to my love of money, at first I wasn’t too keen on this idea because I wanted to get paid for having the other business’ advertising on my sites. However, I’m starting to get over it as I begin to research the traffic stats of the other sites and realize that even though I’m not getting directly paid for swapping advertising, I’ll probably make that up with extra traffic and Adsense revenue.

So, if you are ever approached to do this type of advertising, please give it a thought before you automatically dismiss it. Even though it’s nice to receive that monthly check for your standard advertising fee, in the end you may come out ahead by simply swapping ads.


  1. musei bari says

    Great article and very true. Any advertising is a gamble – it’s all trial and error.

  2. I enjoyed this content, and the feedback from others is interesting.

  3. Great article. I wanted to send you an email about allowing me to post this to my Blog but your contact link isn’t working right 🙁 I’d love to hear from you!