Why Life is Good as an Internet Marketer

Internet marketers have it good.  I mean really good.

The reason internet marketers have it so good is pretty simple: internet marketing is the least invasive marketing that’s around today.  Think about it, if you’re an online marketer — whether you’re trying to sell your own product or acting as an affiliate marketer — for the most part your customers are seeking YOU out.

This alone should increase opt-ins, conversions and sales by a factor of 100!

Your potential customers are the ones who are typing the search terms into Google, or clicking your links on Twitter, Facebook, or Digg.  They are actively seeking out the information or product you’re trying to provide.

In all other forms of marketing — radio, TV, newspaper, direct mail, telemarketing — YOU are the one who is seeking out the customer, YOU are trying to grab THEIR attention.  And let’s be honest, for the most part your message is going to fall on deaf ears since most consumers have learned to tune out most forms of advertising.

Quick, tell me about the last radio ad you heard in the car on the way home from work.  I bet you can’t do it.

But, I bet you can tell me about the last website you Googled.

As consumers, when we’re proactive in the marketing and purchasing process (i.e. what happens when we perform a search on Google) we are much more responsive and more willing to act immediately.

And this is why it’s good to be an internet marketer.