5 Common Myths About SEO

Search engine optimization is an area that many people have dabbled in at some point. Since it has been explored by experts and amateurs alike, there have been a lot of myths developed over the years. If you want to be able to get your site to rank higher in the search engines, you have to successfully separate myth from reality. Here are five of the most common myths in the SEO industry.

1. It Worked Last Year, So It’ll Still Work

One of the biggest misconceptions about search engine optimization is that you can use the same old tricks that you used five years ago or even last year, and they’ll still work this year. This is a big mistake, and it probably won’t work. Search engine algorithms are continually changing, and they are getting more advanced. This means that the strategies that you previously used probably will not do the trick this time around.

2. You Can Rank Higher by Stuffing With Keywords

In the past, one of the most common techniques that webmasters used to rank higher was to stuff their content with keywords. They would fill every sentence with keywords and this would help them rank higher. With today’s search engines, that will actually penalize your site. When writing the content for your site, it is important to sprinkle keywords into it, but you don’t want to overdo it. There isn’t really a magic number when it comes to the ideal keyword density, but it is better to keep the keywords on the lighter side.

3. Any SEO Firm Should Be Able to Help

Among some people there is a perception that any firm that calls themselves an SEO firm should be able to help you rank higher. Many people trust these companies and think that they know everything about the search engines. If you are going to hire a digital marketing firm, it is important that you do your homework first. Not all companies in this arena are the same. Some of them are much better than others. If you choose the wrong one, it could actually end up hurting your site.

4. I’ll Just Copy the Big Guys’ Strategies

Many people think that if they simply make their websites like a big Fortune 500 company’s website that they’ll be fine. In reality, many of the big companies out there don’t understand the first thing about search engine optimization, and they don’t do things the right way. If you just copy what someone else is doing, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

5. You Can’t Hurt Your Site With Bad Links

For the longest time, there was a belief that any link was a good route to your site. In reality, there are links that can harm the reputation of your site. If you want to rank highly, you’re going to have to be careful with what types of link strategies that you use. If you avoid falling victim to some of these common myths, your site should be in much better shape overall.