For the Fundraisers

Fundraisers are a great way to get some extra money for your organization while getting you name out into the community as well. There are plenty of fundraising ideas for nonprofits, schools and churches. Things like donation drives, walks/runs/bicycling events and raffles are great ways to raise a bit of money while getting the message of your cause into the public ears. Why are you holding the fundraiser? What is the purpose besides raising money (new connections, spreading the word, etc.)? All of these should be considerations in the event planner’s mind.

Ask for Donations

Donations are a great way to get your fundraiser off the ground. This is the most simple way of fundraising, and it has been done successfully over the years. However, instead of simply asking for money, find creative ways to match the giver and get him/her involved in something larger than both of you. Perhaps for every $500 someone donates you could match $250 in food storage supplies to a homeless shelter. A Legacy Premium supply, which boasts 100% GMO free products, can make that money go a long way.

The point is to get creative and give back to the community.

Hold an Activity Fundraiser

Activity fundraisers are anything that gets the community together for something active. This can be a walk, 5K run or a bicycle race. These events tend to attract a whole lot of people. Market it through flyers and banners within the community. Charge an entry fee for each walker/runner/bicycler. Have water and snacks for those that finish the race. Give out a trophy to the top three people. This also opens up the door for selling food, drinks and snacks as well.

Promote an Auction and Raffle

Raffles and auctions tend to attract the masses. If you have a large support group at your organization, ask them if they have anything of value they would be willing to auction off. These need to be higher ticketed items like a Timeshare or something. You can also contact local businesses and ask if they have anything they would be willing to donate to the auction. Hand out tickets to everyone that comes in the door. Then, one of your high ticket items and raffle it off at the end of the night.

Successful fundraisers give back to the people giving to you. It should be about more than simply taking their money. In what ways can you say thank you to those that gave during your fundraiser? Handing out t-shirts, providing food and planning activities are all ways to make the donator feel like their giving was worth it.

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