Going Face to Face With Consumers

 The rise of internet and social media networks has provided companies with more opportunities to directly engage with customers. From tweeting to answering questions on live-chat, businesses have been able to interact with customers on daily basis.

Despite the increasing means of communication technology, going face to face with customers still acts as a strong strategy to produce leads, sell products and generate revenue. Companies like Cydor are still using this communication model, and company clients who follow Cydor on Twitter: @cydcor get the latest updates which includes tips on going face-to-face with consumers.

Being a face-to-face seller is possible through acquisition of some skills.

Here are some of the skills that are required;

1. Courtesy

Consumers are different. Some may be easy to handle, while others will be difficult. The salesperson needs to show courtesy all the time. If the consumer is upset due to some reason, the salesperson needs to understand the cause and convince the consumer the issue is going to be resolved as soon as possible, while informing about a satisfactory solution.

2. Listen

Listening to consumers is another important skill required for going face to face. Consumers are going to come up with queries, feedback, problems, suggestions etc. The salesperson needs to listen to varying requests, and tailor his/her response to meet specific needs in order to gain satisfied consumers.

3. Understand body language

Understanding body language of the consumers is one of the indicators of attitude and how interested they actually are in making a purchase. If the body language of the consumer is not being matched with what is being said, the salesperson should try to present a different angle. The salesperson should also be able to analyse posture and facial expressions and interpret them into different signals and gestures.

4. Knowledge about the product/service

Consumers are often looking for considerable detail about a product or service they’re looking to buy. This means the salesperson should have in-depth information about the features, the advantages the consumer can expect to receive. Knowing information about delivery times, maintenance plans and payment options is also necessary. Salespersons should keep on updating their knowledge about the products and services of their respective companies.

5. Confidence

Confidence matters a lot when going face to face with consumers. A confident sales person gives the consumer confidence to invest in the product or service. The consumer has a high chance to contact the sales person again, which gives opportunities later on.

These skills are required in order to be a face to face salesperson, generating leads and driving revenue.

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