Make the most of graduates in your business

Every year, businesses get their pick of a new batch of freshly-qualified graduates – people who have just completed their degrees and are eager to begin their careers. For many graduates, this will be their first full-time job, and for businesses, it’s the perfect opportunity to start sifting through the next generation of talent.
Some companies have a comprehensive graduate programme in place. Normally, this means that graduates spend a few months working in a number of different departments and roles, as a way of assessing their skills and helping them to choose the position that’s best for them. Successful completion of the scheme usually leads to a permanent role in the business.
Small enterprises are too often overlooked by graduates, many of whom want to work for the big names from the start. However, competition even to get on the graduate scheme in these companies is extremely fierce, and a smaller firm operating in a similar field can really distinguish itself – as well as snapping away top talent from its rivals – by offering a high-quality graduate programme of its own.
What new graduates lack in experience, they often make up for in bringing fresh ideas and perspectives – and smaller firms often appreciate the benefits of having recruits whose views haven’t been shaped by years in the industry. Attracting new graduates is one of the best ways to bring new blood into your workforce and ensure you’re staying ahead of the curve.
If you’re reading this as a graduate, you might be worried about balancing the benefits of graduate-scheme experience with the earnings of a permanent position. However there are many ways of making your finances go further, by following simple guidelines and using products such as jamjar accounts from Secure Trust Bank that make it easier to control your spending.