Serviced Offices Help SMEs Cut Down Overheads

Serviced office space in Leeds and across the UK refers to the rental of fully furnished offices in business districts. Services that are usually supplied include the rental of hotdesks and furnished conference rooms, receptionist and mail forwarding and the use of prestigious addresses that SMEs and independent contractors can use.

This type of rental contract is particularly well suited to certain job sectors, including those who work in sales (for example, estate agents or medical reps), construction, tutoring, accounting, insurance, nursing and many others.

Contractual companies that operate in locations over certain periods of time need to have permanent offices for short to medium contracts – but these do not necessarily conform to conventional 6 or 12-month lease periods. Thus virtual offices are useful because they’re flexible depending on a person’s needs – whether you require a fully kitted executive suite or mail forwarding.

Renting this type of office is helpful to small businesses on a number of levels as well. The fact that the premises tend to be in prime locations assists in helping new start-ups cement their reputations without their having to part with high expenses. Employees can also make use of the building’s furnishings – in fact every comfort that comes with renting a fully fitted building is available – without their having to sign, and pay for, a complete lease.

Meeting clients in this environment is far more desirable than meeting them in the local Starbucks, from the perspective of professionalism. Employee retention is increased as it provides people with a comfortable and smart location in which to get their work done, but – and perhaps best of all – the virtual office is a new take on the more common 9 to 5 office model, in which employees barely leave their desks throughout the day.

Suited to a surprisingly high number of business sectors, virtual offices are becoming more and more applicable to other types of industry including software development and customer service and support – and long may it last.