The Power of You and I

No matter your business, no matter your specialty or your industry, at some point you’re going to need to use your power to command the English language to convert a prospective patient into an actual customer and the most powerful English words that you can use to do that are the words you and I.

You see, when you use the word you you will connect with your clients on a much more personal level because you’ll be talking to them in the ‘2nd person’ as opposed to the ‘third person’ that many marketers (and your English teacher from high school) will tell you is the ‘formal’ way to write.  In marketing, however, being personal is much more successful than being formal almost every time.

The reason is that when you use the word ‘you’, as in “you will really like the way it feels on your skin” you are relating to people on a more personal basis, personalizing the conversation and breaking down the barriers that stand between you and a sale. In effect, you’re turning yourself from a stranger into someone that your prospective customers can relate to on a personal level.

If, for example, you send out a mass email to your email list it is imperative that you use the words ‘you’ and ‘I’ to break down the perceived barriers between your business and your customers.  Giving a speech to a group of prospective patients is the same and can turn an entire roomful of strangers into a roomful of clients that are ready to buy.

Imagine, if you will, the picture that this content leaves in a prospective customer’s mind; “Picture yourself using your new kitchen cabinets.  When you need a specific spice it’s easy to find and when you need extra space you can have it in an instant. I personally guarantee that I will make sure you love your new kitchen and that you will enjoy how much easier your life is once your new cabinets are installed”.

Is that powerful or what?!  The next thing your customer should say is “When can you start?”

One caveat; don’t use the word ‘you’ in any way that makes your content sound like a command.  “You must”, “You should” or “You have to” sounds like you’re trying to ‘boss them around’ and very few people respond to commands in a positive manner.

Writing an email, a formal letter, or even meeting minutes at work can be a daunting task.  Yet these are words that become virtually solidified in stone once they are put to paper.  As I explained above, the written and/or verbal word is a powerful one, and it can make or break your business.  Personally, I find writing courses to be useful to the business owner, or even the everyday person.  These are courses that can be offered online or in brick and mortar establishments of higher education.  Either way they serve to better your effectiveness in communicating with others and that is something that often times needs to be helped and nurtured along.