Top Ten Places to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a great idea on so many levels. If you’re lucky enough to get the opportunity, there are plenty of incredible cities to choose from, each offering a unique experience for the adventurous student. Here are 10 of the best in Europe.


With the biggest student population in Europe, students are very well catered for in Manchester, with half the expense of London and twice the convenience. Manchester is home to two of the best football teams in the world and after hosting the Commonwealth Games, the sporting facilities throughout the city are excellent. Students are spoilt for choice with nights out and shopping and make sure you check out Curry Mile for the best curry this side of the Himalayas. Manchester not only has a long and illustrious musical history, with the Happy Mondays, Oasis and The Smiths to name a few, but it also remains at the cutting edge of youth culture.


Amsterdam really is totally unique, where you will find canals instead of roads and the bike is king. Language will not be a problem as the Dutch speak English beautifully and everyone has heard about the liberal atmosphere and the coffee shops. If you want, ‘laid back’, there is nothing to beat it.


If you like clubbing and hanging out on the beach, then head straight for Barcelona. You can go clubbing until 6 every night of the week and then nurse your hangover at the open-air market, La Boqueria. Spend your days swimming in the Mediterranean, lazing on the beach or being inspired by the Gaudi architecture.


Is spending an issue? Then Budapest is the place for you, as it’s cheap as chips for a night out. Don’t forget to check out Szimpla, the third best bar in the world, as voted for by Lonely Planet.


People in Germany love drinking beer and Munich is their unofficial capital. The best place to drink outside is the English Gardens and don’t miss ‘Surfers Wave’ or Oktoberfest, a festival dedicated to beer.


Prague has everything Budapest can offer, being a bit more Westernised, however and slightly more expensive. The Prague Beer Museum is worth a look; who knew museums could be so much fun?


Get past the snobby attitude and Paris has a lot to offer. Some excellent bands are from Paris – Daft Punk and Justice to name a couple. The French love their food and Paris has plenty to offer in terms of culture; this is the city of the Mona Lisa after all.


Guinness tastes better in Ireland and there is live music in nearly every bar for that perfect drinking atmosphere. The Temple Bar District is the place to go and sample the famous Irish hospitality.


On the Costa del Sol, Malaga has the beach and better weather than Barcelona, with less of the culture. Be warned, however, as you will need to brush up on your Spanish to get by here.


The original party island and still home to a hippy commune. Party in one of the superclubs and then watch the sunrise at Caff del Mar. You will feel like you are on a permanent summer holiday; your wallet won’t, though. Ibiza is not cheap.

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