Starting A Business From Scratch

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to own my own business. I don’t really know why, but… actually, I know exactly why. When you look at the type of person who has generated the most wealth for themselves and their family, it’s typically someone who has started and grown a business. Of course, I’d like to think that on some level I would be above worrying solely about the bottom line and could create a business that was not only financially viable but one that could really make a profound difference in the lives of my customers.

I think I may have found the way, too (more on that in another posting).

Anyway, for the past year or so, my friend and I have been kicking around ideas for things that we can do to start a business. They range from completely absurd business ideas (starting a gym where the out of shape members could vote out the in shape people) to the somewhat feasible, to something that I would be proud to call my own (again, more on that some other time).

Because his background is web development and my background is in finance, we’ve narrowed down our business ideas to stuff that are web-based so that he can work the technical and operating side of things and I can work the business side. Regardless, I’m sure you don’t care much about the details, but I’m just trying to give some background.

About a month ago, my buddy and I went to a “Start Your Business” seminar put on by our the Loudoun Small Business Development Center and afterwards we sat down and finally decided what we were going to do (yep, tune in later folks). Good for us.

The following week, the Loudoun SBDC put on a “Web Marketing” seminar whose keynote speaker was Brian Chavis, founder of ARGroup, a well respected IT consulting firm in the Washington, DC area. Most of his seminar revolved around business blogs and how blogging is a great way it was to interact with people and to let them know about your business ideas and, ultimately, your products and services.

While I was sitting there, I knew that in order to help start a business and help it grow that I had to start some sort of business blog, I just didn’t know what I should write about; I didn’t want to have an infomercial online. Then it dawned on me, I would start a business blog where I would chronicle the painstaking process of starting a business from the ground up.

So, long story short, that’s what I plan to do with this blog. I plan on detailing the steps (both good and bad) I take to finally get my business idea off the ground, hopefully with the intent of inspiring/helping others who share the same aspirations. Tonight I’m going to start to hammer out my business plan, which I’m sure will be the subject of many tirade filled posts. Hopefully you’ll get just as much a kick of this as I will and, at the very least, I’ll give you someone to point and laugh at.

Wish me luck; I’m going to need it.