The Joys of Upgrading WordPress on GoDaddy

Remember how I talked about how it was kind of a pain to switch from a Blogger based site to a WordPress based site, especially if you were using GoDaddy as your hosting service?

Well, I was about five minutes away from going on a suicide watch thanks to the fact my ENTIRE BLOG DISAPEARED after I tried to upgrade from WordPress 2.0.4 to 2.1.2.  Yeah, that wasn’t exactly my idea of fun.

Anyway, I decided to go ahead and attempt the upgrade because I wanted to take advantage of an Amazon Affiliate plugin that only works with the latest version of WordPress.  Because I was stuck in the stone age and still content using an older version, something was going to have to give.

Because I tend to make impulse decisions, I kind of just haphazardly decided to start deleting files off of my server and replace them with the updated 2.1.2 files.  I pretty much followed the directions and made sure to not delete certain files.  I figured this was going to be a snap.

Well, it would have been if I wouldn’t have deleted the WordPress config file, which allows me access to the databases and is essential for running this site.   Of course, I don’t realize this until I try and run the update module and get the blue screen of death, telling me that it can’t find the necessary config file.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a panicky person.  Stuff like this is enough to throw me over the edge; unfortunately because it was a nice evening, I had my windows open, so I think the neighborhood kids were able to pick up on a deadly combination of four letter words.  Should make for an interesting conversation at their dinner table.

At this point, I’m firing off emails to everyone that I know that might have some developing or programming skills.  Of course, everyone asks, “did you back up your files?”  When I have to tell them know, they figure it’s best to just laugh and not come right out and tell me how dumb I am.

But, I’m obviously writing here on The New Business Blog, and all of my other posts magically reappeared, so who, in fact, had the last laugh?

I wish I could say I did, but that would mean that I had some sort of clue as to how I saved this site.  To be honest, I have no idea.  At this point I’m just willing to be grateful and leave it at that.

So, the moral of the story, if you need or want to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, please make sure you read all of the instructions, and please, for heaven’s sake, BACK UP YOUR FILES!


  1. Maybe you should read this article on UB titled; How to Find a Web Host That Doesn’t Suck

  2. Thanks, I’ll be sure to check it out. Maybe Shirley Online Media can start a hosting subsidiary.

  3. I swear I did the exact same thing about a year ago! I was able to save the majority of my posts, but I have no idea how, and of course I failed to back up my database too. I love WordPress, but sometimes it’s a mystery. 🙂

  4. Charity – thanks for the comment. It’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one with that problem, and even better to hear that we both came out of it relatively unharmed!

  5. I’m starting to see a common issue here…no backups. You should be backing this stuff up on at least a weekly basis anyway.

    I mean, I even back my blog up weekly and no one would even know if it fell off the face of the earth.

  6. You might consider switching hosts, as doug suggested above (GoDaddy is great for domains, but not the best for hosting). In any case, you may find this post interesting: 8 MySQL Backup Strategies for WordPress Bloggers (And Others)

  7. If anyone is having problems with GoDaddy WordPress Upgrade.. try this method as your last line of recovery.

    1) Back up WordPress MySQL DATABASE!
    2) Delete all WordPress files in directories, except “wp-content” folder & contents within that folder!!!
    –Once all set, wait about 15 minutes for GoDaddy to refresh–
    3) Setup new MySQL database for the new WordPress you’re about to install.
    4) Reinstall WordPress from scratch. Do not restore/import the MySQL Database yet!
    5) Setup WordPress options, (ie previous theme, update & activate plug-ins, PERMALINK SETTINGS)
    –Once all set, wait about 15 minutes for GoDaddy to refresh–
    6) Restore MySQL Database into the new database (step #3)

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  9. Tiziana Molinari says

    I’m just thinking to run away from GoDaddy….

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  11. I’m still having issues with Javascript on my actual page, I have to paste it everytime where I want under my html on section where I want it. That works. I know about how you can at it in the body, under javascript, but that does not actually list it on your page, just at the bottom of your page. Looks bad. Overall, I really do like website tonight. Any suggestions to my page, thanks

  12. Are you inserting the javascript in the text portion of WordPress (i.e. where you type your posts)? If that’s the case, I think there will be problems with the script. You’ll likely have to insert the script in the actual theme/template, or get some sort of javascript insertion plugin.