More Business Plan Stuff

Lately, as I have become more and more discouraged with the progress of our business plan, I have tried to find ways to simplify the process of putting everything together. Today, I think I found my solution.

I’ve downloaded the trial version of the Ultimate Business Plan Starter, published by ABS Online. So far, I have been able to quickly write a draft of our business opportunity, product/service description, current business position, financial potential and company background.

The software has laid out the key points of a business plan in a step by step process, making it easy to get your initial thoughts down and then giving you the opportunity to go back and create a document that flows well.

I believe the trial version of this product allows you to save your plan, however, you are unable to print or convert what you have saved into a Word document. To have those capabilities, you have to buy the full product, which is around $80.

Once I finish the first draft using this software, I’ll make my decision on whether or not I’m going to buy the product, but it’s looking like that’s going to be the plan.